Superman Is Going To Be All Over Supergirl Season 2, Here's The Evidence

The biggest news to hit Supergirl since the announcement of its move to The CW is undoubtedly the expansion of Kara's onscreen family. Superman himself will be dropping by to visit his cousin when Season 2 kicks off in October. We already knew that he would show up in the season premiere; now, judging by the first looks at the first two episodes of Season 2, we'll be getting an awful lot of him. Check out some sneak peeks at how much of Tyler Hoechlin we'll see as Clark Kent/Superman during Supergirl Season 2:

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It looks like Superman's grand entrance into the world of Supergirl won't actually be all that "Super." He'll have a part to play as Clark Kent when he shows up in National City to work with his cousin. Judging by his messenger bag and pad, we can guess that he's actually in town for his job as a reporter. Of course, given that photographer James Olsen is nowhere to be found, the cousins may be using their press credentials as an excuse to investigate a sketchy subject. Considering the person they're interviewing, there may be plenty of sketchiness to be found.

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Clark and Kara will evidently be chatting with Lena Luthor early in Season 2. The Supergirl version of Lex Luthor has been exposed and incarcerated for his evildoing, so his mysterious sister will be taking the reins at Luthor Corp. She'll have to work hard to restore the name of her family's company after Lex was outed as a supervillain. It's no surprise that she would catch the attention of the cousins.

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On the whole, it shouldn't take long for the cousins to lose their glasses and don their capes to fight some bad guys together in National City. Even if Lena Luthor doesn't reveal herself as a supervillainess in the Season 2 premiere, Kara and Clark will need to bring their best to battle the classic Superman antagonist known as Metallo. Kara doesn't look like she'll be too intimidated by her more famous cousin, and the Supergirl version of Superman may be just as happy and optimistic as his cousin when not fighting foes. He certainly won't have much in common with the current big screen Superman. Hopefully he just won't overshadow Kara on her own show.

Supergirl premieres on The CW on Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when your other favorite shows will return to the airwaves in the near future, and head on over to the next page for a few more sneak peeks of what's to come with Superman on Supergirl.

Kara and Clark clearly won't have an easy time in their first round against Metallo. Both cousins look worse for the wear as they stagger into the D.E.O., presumably after a showdown with the villain.

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Superman won't be interacting just with Kara and Metallo during his time in National City. He'll meet Alex, J'onn, and Winn as well. There's no saying if this shot is before or after Winn gets the boot from CatCo, but he's clearly already being integrated into the goings-on at the D.E.O.

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We can't say just yet if Cat Grant will get to interact with Clark or Superman, but we do know that she'll turn up in the first episodes of Season 2. Cat will have a smaller role in the second season thanks to the show's relocation to Vancouver, so it's promising to see that she'll be around in the beginning to help ease the transition from CBS to The CW.

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