The Strain: Several Big Shockers Have Left Things Wide Open For The Season 3 Finale

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Warning: Spoilers are in play for tonight's episode of The Strain. If you're not current, bookmark this story and come back once you've watched "Do or Die."

With next weekend serving as the season finale of The Strain, something big was bound to happen tonight. But little did we know that the huge event would be a systematic takedown of several characters that have featured importantly throughout the last two seasons. The Master's minions have taken several of our comrades from us, and as such we must have a moment of silence.

In one, explosive confrontation, the remaining seven members of Counselwoman Feraldo's once proud Safe Streets Initiative were wiped out by the Strigoi who stood in the way of their escape to Jersey City. This includes Justine, who finally was a victim to yet another worm to the eye, and went down with her right hand man, one of the only people to stick with her through it all. Unfortunately, Angel's number was up in that same explosion, as he was straight up bitten by another beast stalking the grounds. Luckily, Gus survived the encounter, and is ready to rejoin our group of hunters who are about to find themselves with a bit of a surprise on their hands.

As it turns out, Eldritch Palmer found the cargo of the Aurora Cutlass, and as luck would have it it was a device very similar to the one that Herr Eichorst used on Quinlan and The Ancients last week. For those of you who had, "suitcase nuke" in the betting pool, congratulations - you've won! In a clever nod to the series' source material, nuclear weapons have made their debut in The Strain universe, and have presumably taken out The Ancients, but not Quinlan, who rejoined the now mostly reformed group. Though back to the subject of Palmer for a moment, he is officially this week's MVP, as his backstory was revealed in a similar fashion to Fet and Gus from the past couple of weeks, and it looks like he's about to join the team of our heroes.

His deception and presumable besting of Eichorst towards the end of this week's episode could serve as his initiation, as he somehow fooled The Master's lieutenant into thinking he was still old and infirm. But hiding under that blanket was a shotgun full of silver, and Palmer's determination to right the wrongs he'd helped unleash upon the world. We may just see his redemption by the end of this season, if not some time during next year's final season, but for now it looks like his cunning may have bested his undead handler.

Though with next week's finale, "The Fall," promising the return of The Master, Eichorst may have gotten that promotion he's so desperately wanted. One thing's for sure, New York City is on the chopping block, and it looks like we're all just one step away from becoming vampire food. Join us next week, as we dissect The Strain's season finale, after it airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX!

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