The Crazy Number Of Times Robin Said Holy Something In The Original Batman Series

Batman Robin Adam West Burt Ward

Superheroes and catchphrases go together like chocolate and peanut butter. That's a fact that we have become used to over the years. From Captain Marvel's "shazam!" to The Human Torch's "flame on!" certain heroes have become inextricable from their iconic sayings. Arguably no hero catchphrase has become more legendary than Robin's "Holy _ Batman!" from Batman '66, and now it seems that Burt Ward used that saying far more than we ever realized during the run of the series. The former Robin explained:

There were 378 'holys' in Batman, in the original series, and it worked out to be about three per half-hour. Because there's 120 episodes, so it was about three per half-hour.

During a recent behind-the-scenes interview for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Burt Ward opened up regarding his famous catchphrase and addressed its consistent usage throughout the run of Batman '66. After crunching the numbers, Ward has deduced that he uttered some variation of the "holy" line roughly 378 times on camera over the course of his tenure alongside Adam West's Batman, averaging out to around three "holys" per episode. Holy consistency, Batman!

Despite the fact that he uttered numerous variations of his awesome saying almost 400 times back in the day, Burt Ward seems to have lost none of his love for it. Check out the video below to watch Burt Ward explain how the "holy" catchphrase has evolved for the modern age with Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

It doesn't sounds like Burt Ward has any intention of slowing down in his old age. Although his run as Dick Grayson a.k.a Robin came to an end almost five decades ago, he recently spoke passionately about a potential return to the role in the DCEU, and joked that he's definitely on board to craft a darker version of his original Robin on the silver screen. Something tells us that such a casting decision likely will never actually pan out, but it's still awesome to know that Burt Ward continues to maintain a deep-seated love for the role that made him a household name 50 years ago.

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