How Much Sex Outlander Season 3 Will Have Compared To Season 2

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Considering the epic love story, the fun adventures and lush costumes present in Starz's Outlander, it's hard to find things to complain about. However, one thing series lead Caitriona Balfe remembers viewers complaining about during Season 2 was the lack of sex scenes between Jamie and Claire. Now that Outlander is gearing up for Season 3, Balfe has some great news for fans. Namely, she's promising quite a bit more sex in Season 3 than we saw last season. Here's what she has to say.

There will be some other sex going on. I think to really let the reunion and everything that's going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other, I think it's really special. Maybe they'll have to wait a little bit, but I don't think it's going to be as scarce as last season, shall we say?

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Caitriona Balfe revealed that when episodes of Outlander were last airing, she would take to social media and find a slew of people who were asking over and over again where all of the sex was. Of course, if you watched Outlander's second season on Starz, you should know there were some intimate moments between Jamie and Claire, notably when she decided to travel back in time and he dropped her off at the stones just before the Battle of Culloden started. Still, there weren't as many epic moments leading into sex like the spanking scene from Season 1, and apparently some fans did miss out on those moments while Jamie and Claire were busy trying to take down the Jacobite Rebellion.

Season 3 is going to be a really different series, overall. First and foremost, Jamie and Claire spent nearly 20 years apart, and the new episodes are going to show us what happened to both characters during the time they were apart. Eventually we'll get into the meaty part of Diana Gabaldon's third book, Voyager, which Season 3 will be based on. New characters will be introduced and some characters from Season 2 will nab even bigger roles.

However, if you can get through all of those plots and reach the point where Jamie and Claire are back in each others' arms, Caitriona Balfe says we will be rewarded, and be rewarded with frequent nudity. Jamie and Claire are also going to go on a long journey after reuniting and I'm guessing all of those boat scenes are going to include a lot of hanky panky. Because where else is all of this epic sex going to come in?

We don't know exactly when _Outlander _will be returning for Season 3, but the show is already filming the popular Starz drama. While we wait for the 2017 premiere date, you can check out what we know about the upcoming episodes.

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