Watch Miranda Lambert Read The Meanest Tweet On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment is pretty old hat at this point, but Twitter users can still surprise us on occasion. This country music edition of "Mean Tweets" actually features some pretty funny comments, but also one particularly mean barb directed right at country music singer Miranda Lambert's forehead. You can catch the full look at last night's edition of the long-running Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch, below.

Sometimes mean tweets are an acceptable level of rude, and I think this happens quite a few times during the country music edition of "Mean Tweets." It's legitimately funny when one Twitter user asks why the blonde musician in Little Big Town has hair that makes her look like the Zoolander villain. Another guy direct addresses Willie Nelson, telling him---complete with a pretty nice "pal"---that he's getting a "little crusty." Both are dick comments, but they aren't over the line.

As usual, a lot of dumb idiots on Twitter call country singers out for sucking and make other basic insults that really could have used some Zoolander villain ingenuity. Then, there's the mean tweet to end all mean tweets, one that is both creative and horrible and directed at none other than country music megastar Miranda Lambert. If you somehow missed it in the video, here it is:

miranda mean tweet

This isn't the only "Mean Tweets" segment Jimmy Kimmel Live! has aired lately. About a week ago, President Obama was making the rounds and ended up on the ABC late night show, where he also read some pretty funny "Mean Tweets" about himself and his tenure at the White House. He even took on a prominent tweet Donald Trump shot out a few months ago. While President Obama got to end on a high note, Miranda Lambert did not.

Seriously, Twitter users, the poor country singer has had enough to deal with this year without having to hear mean comments about her appearance. It's just nice that she was such a good sport about the whole thing, and popped up along with Dolly Parton, Dan and Shay, Randy Houser, Trace Adkins and other big names who were willing to let Jimmy Kimmel's team find the meanest possible tweets about them. To catch more "Mean Tweets" tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET, only on ABC.

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