Has Oliver Found A New Romance On Arrow? Here's What Stephen Amell Says

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For a damaged loner, Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen has gone through quite a few romantic relationships over the last few years. From the Lance sisters, to Shado, to The Huntress, the guy is no stranger to love. He was even briefly married to Nyssa Al Ghul -- albeit against his will. Now that the Olicity romance seems to be in his rear view, we're left wondering what's next for Oliver's love life. According to Amell, it is time for Oliver to start dating again. The Arrow star explained:

I don't know if he's ready to move on, but it's time for Oliver to have another relationship.

Stephen Amell recently spoke to TVLine and admitted that he thinks Oliver needs to get back into the dating scene. Now that Arrow has started to move towards closure in regards to the Olicity romance (although he's definitely not over it just yet) Amell thinks that Oliver's next course of action should be to find a new love interest. With Felicity now enjoying her relationship with Detective Malone, an expansion of Oliver's own love life will show how far he has come since their tumultuous breakup. It definitely feels like a return to form, as Arrow has not allowed Oliver to play the field and be the "playboy" we all know and love for quite some time.

That raises questions about who exactly will step in to fill the romantic void left by Ms. Smoak. For now it seems that Star City reporter, Susan Williams (Carly Pope), may be the new woman in Oliver's life. After all, she very clearly did not give Oliver her personal cell phone number just for business purposes. Stephen Amell elaborated:

I've had a couple of scenes with Carly [Pope], who's doing a great job as [reporter] Susan Williams. I do think that there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between the two of them, and I hope that people enjoy it, because I've found it to be really dynamic so far.

Of course, those of you who have kept up with recent events on Arrow know that the tension between Susan Williams and Oliver Queen is about to become more than just romantic. She knows that he didn't just spend five years stranded on Lian Yu, and she knows that he has connections to the Russian criminal underworld. She's a member of the Fourth Estate, and that doesn't bode well for the burgeoning Star City politician. Nothing can ever really be easy for the Green Arrow, can it?

Love is a complicated thing, and we have a feeling that romance is only going to make things more difficult for Star City's mayor/green-clad vigilante. Arrow airs every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For now, make sure to check out our comprehensive fall TV premiere schedule for more information concerning all of the most highly anticipated fall television debuts!

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