The Walking Dead Characters That Are Finally Coming Back Soon

Much like The Walking Dead took a different approach to the storytelling when Season 6 began, this current season has been similarly focused on putting specific characters and locations in the crosshairs. The first three episodes centered on The Big Death(s), The Kingdom and The Sanctuary, and the next episode will bring Negan to Alexandria, which will revisit some long-unseen characters. Episode synopses for the fifth and sixth episodes let us know that even more familiar faces will be back, and that includes the bearded badass seen below, Jesus, and several more you'll read about below. Here's what Episode 5, "Go Getters," will be about.

Carl and Enid journey to the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Jesus must defend the community against an attack led by the savior Simon.

Some interesting stuff there. Enid portrayer Katelyn Nacon recently spoke about her character possibly taking on aspects of Sophia from the Walking Dead comic series, in as much as she and Maggie may bond in a familial way. Maggie is suspected to be a future resident of the Hilltop Colony, and knowing that Enid and Carl will be trekking to the Gregory-led location connects the dots where that's concerned.

the walking dead jesus

Savior Simon - that would be the tall mustached guy whose douchebaggery is palpable - is a formidable underling of Negan's but I don't think he'll have what it takes to put Jesus down. We haven't seen nearly enough of the battle-ready survivor to watch him take a fall to a villain like that. In Jesus we trust, and we're hoping he's got enough muscle at the Hilltop to stave off major fatalities.

heath tara walking dead

And according to IMDb, here's what's in store for viewers and survivors on Episode 6, which doesn't have a title yet.

Tara and Heath are running into serious trouble. A mysterious new group is introduced.

I don't know that there are tons of fans out there high-fiving each other for an episode solely dedicated to Tara and Heath (if it even is entirely focused on them), but maybe this long-deserved big break will be exactly what the characters need. The "mysterious new group" mentioned there appears to be connected to the beach-set production shoot The Walking Dead had some months back. Whether or not any of them make it back to the show's current form of civilization is up in the air.

walking dead gabriel season 7

It seems like most of the rest of the characters (and possibly Enid) will be around in Episode 4, called "Service." Alexandrians like Father Gabriel, Spencer and Olivia will be around to meet Negan for the first time, and we can only assume someone ends up making a boneheaded decision. At least one person.

With a seventh episode titled "Blazing Hell," The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. Head to our fall debut schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see what you can start watching when The Walking Dead takes his eventual hiatus.

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