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TV doesn't get much more exciting than it does on The CW each week, with the network's quartet of DC Comics dramas offering up one wild and twisty adventure after another. Audiences will soon get to watch synergy at its finest when Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow join forces for the giant four-night crossover event being dubbed "Heroes vs. Aliens." We now have our first look at those villainous aliens, the Dominators, thanks to a new trailer that aired during tonight's Supergirl.

dc crossover dominators

I can think of few things that give me the heebie jeebies quicker than the thought of being naked inside of a car's trunk with one of those sumbitches. But let's not dwell on how or why that situation would happen in the first place, and instead just talk about how nasty they look. The comic versions of the Dominators usually portray them as yellow, with the grisliness limited to their teeth-filled maws. But for the live-action take on them, or the CGI take by all means, the aliens' look got toned down and gross-ified. I can't tell if they're wet, but they look wet, which is never a compliment you give someone.

We got our first big look at the upcoming crossover for last week's teaser, which introduced Supergirl to The Gang, and the mood in that promo was pretty joyous. Here, everyone's attitude gets just a tad more sour, and those bastard aliens have a lot to do with it. At least we know that our heroes are going to get some kind of retribution by way of either killing one of the Dominators, or perhaps just witnessing one of their deaths. That thing's ribcage is like the most rotten melon that can ever be.

dc crossover dominators

This new promo also gives us a peek at what a super-frustrated Oliver Queen looks like, as the current mayor will be pushed beyond his breaking point once aliens show up to cause havoc in the DC Universe. And we also get a look at the return of Arrow's Deathstroke. Although no evident sign of the musical side of it all, which is disappointing.

Head to the next page to watch the epic new promo for the mega-crossover between all four of The CW's DC TV shows, which will kick off on Monday, November 28, with an episode of Supergirl. You can catch that alien-driven series Monday nights, followed by The Flash on Tuesday nights, Arrow on Wednesday nights and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday nights. You have to come up with your own superhero fun on Fridays.

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