How Alexis Bledel Feels About Each Of Rory's Boyfriends On Gilmore Girls

Alright, I know all of you have picked your teams long ago when it comes to Rory's boyfriends on Gilmore Girls. Whether you're #TeamJess, #TeamDean or #TeamLogan, you all have your reasons for wishing Rory would end up with one of the guys. But, really, the question is, how does her portrayer, Alexis Bledel, feel about each of Rory's former loves. Well, now we know. Bledel has given her thoughts on each of them, and you can now see if you agree with her opinions of them. Let's start with that lovable trouble-maker, Jess, shall we?

Jess kind of is like a shock to the system. It's like a complete 180 from where she was so she's trying to discover another side of her personality and be challenged more intellectually, have fun kind of in a different, more grown-up way.

Alexis Bledel describing Jess as a "shock to the system" is the nicest way of putting it. Jess was widely seen around Stars Hollow as bad news of the first order, and that included the thoughts of Rory's best friend/mom, Lorelai. It's totally true that her second relationship was a "complete 180" from the one she had with her first love, Dean. Jess was challenging; not just because of his bad behavior with everyone who wasn't Rory, but because he actually challenged her intellectually. They both loved music and books and deep conversations, and the idea of changing he world, which was something she didn't so much have in common with Dean. Ah, sweet Dean. Let's talk about him next.

The first one I guess is like her first love, so she's sort of swept away and it's very impactful for her. I mean she kind of has a long road to get over that one.

Oh, first love is so sweet, isn't it? Rory was, indeed, "swept away" by her romance with Dean. He was, in a way, her gateway boy. If it hadn't been for his sweet, kind, attentive nature, she may not have been mature enough to handle everything Jess put her through without falling apart. Because of Dean, Rory knew what it was like to be someone's whole world and have the right amount of attention paid to her and their relationship. So, even when Jess flaked out on her, she knew she was worth more than what he'd been able to offer her.

Alright, what am I forgetting? Oh, right. Rory had one more defining boyfriend during Gilmore Girls. Can you tell I'm not a fan? I guess it's time to talk about Logan.

Logan, to me, always seemed like it's her version of someone, like what she thinks her dad was like. His life is more like what Lorelai and Christopher, like their relationship, maybe this would've been what their life would have been like if they had stayed together.

I freely admit that I am not the right person to discuss the virtues of Rory's coupling with Logan, but, it is true that, as her college boyfriend, he was her first grown up relationship. She even lived with Logan for a while and could have married him had she not decided to go off on the campaign trail to report on Obama. I can see, though, how some part of Rory would have seen the relationship with Logan as a throwback to what the life of her parents might have been like if they had stayed together when they had her in high school.

Well, what can I say? As someone who is firmly #TeamNewBoyfriend, I can still see some of the good points that came with Rory's youth-defining loves. Alexis Bledel's words to Entertainment Weekly should be enough to help all the fans see that. But, really, I'm hoping that a character that has engaged in so much forward motion by the time the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, comes around on November 25 will not fall back in with an old boyfriend. I think we all know that Rory deserves someone new to start the next chapter of her life.

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