Warning: spoilers ahead for The Flash episode of the DC TV crossover, called "Invasion!"

The superhero event of the season has officially kicked off on The CW with the latest episode of The Flash, where the evil alien race known as the Dominators landed a ship full of baddies down in Central City, prompting Barry Allen to gather his super friends and prepare for battle. The best of the best from Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl dropped by The Flash for a team-up so filled with superpowers, skills, and spandex that one episode definitely wasn't enough.

Luckily, we still have two more hours of crossover action ahead of us with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but we're first going to need to wrap our heads around all of the most mind-bending reveals that emerged from The Flash's big crossover. Let's break them all down.

Martin Stein Has A Daughter

Legends of Tomorrow fans have been watching Martin Stein struggling with the fact that he seems to be gaining new memories from a timeline that he and the Legends inadvertently changed. He has been seeing images and feeling love for a girl he had no knowledge of, and the big question has been of her identity. Now, we know. Due to changes to his personal timeline, Martin Stein and his wife had a daughter, Lily (Christina Brucato), who apparently lives in Central City and loves her parents very much. Oops?

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