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Watch Madonna Twerk And Vogue In New Carpool Karaoke Teaser

As one of the most genial and approachable hosts in late night TV history, James Corden has managed to lure some of the biggest names in pop music to The Late Late Show for his extremely popular Carpool Karaoke segments. We'll soon get to watch the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, rock out in the passenger seat, and we now have our first teaser for what we can expect to see. And yes, it involves twerking and getting her Vogue on. Check it out!

Awww, snap! The Late Late Show teaser offers just enough to soothe the itch that has developed since this appearance was announced, but still keeps most of it unseen, further whetting the appetite for Madonna making Carpool Karaoke her bitch. For one thing, we know damned well we're going to watch Madge get into Vogue-mode, since that's the first thing we get to watch her do after she declares her distaste for riding in cars without music. I'm not going to pretend to be the world's biggest "Vogue" or Madonna fan, since the world is full of far more worthy claimants, but I'm extremely jealous of James Corden in that moment.

At 58 years old, Madonna is still showing no signs of stepping down from her status as a sex symbol, as evidenced by her tours and TV performances. In this case, viewers will get to see the Grammy winner pull off the seldom seen inside-the-car twerk. Seat belts need not try to hinder anything, because Madonna's booty will defy all forms of safety equipment.

madonna twerking gif

"Bitch I'm Madonna" is another song that will get some Carpool Karaoke time, which should be fun for some home sing-alongs.. There's another handful of songs that have yet to be revealed, and I'm hoping there's some Michael Jackson involved. His name comes up in the clip during a conversation about some time shared the two peaks of pop music royalty, and James Corden will hopefully get some juicy stories from Madonna between songs.

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights on CBS, with Madonna's Carpool Karaoke segment coming on Wednesday, December 7. The episode will also feature the hilarious Grace and Frankie star Lily Tomlin, musician and Fantastic Beasts co-star Alison Sudol, and a standalone comedy and musical performance from Reggie Watts, who serves as the Late Late Show bandleader.

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