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A Major Sons Of Anarchy Star Didn't Watch The Final Season, But For A Good Reason

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As we look forward to a new year that could possibly bring the world of Sons of Anarchy back to TV audiences with the new and in-development spinoff, we're reminded of how the flagship series exited our lives back in 2014. The controversial series finale was watched by many millions of people when it aired, capping off an extremely successful season, but it turns out one very important person wasn't a member of that Season 7 audience: star Charlie Hunnam. Here's his solid reason for not tuning in already.

Do you know what, can I tell you something? I actually haven't seen the last season of Sons yet, so I didn't seen how it ended. . . . I just need a little bit of distance before I watch it so I can appreciate it and see it for what it is rather than for what I wanted it to be specifically. I'm a little bit too much of a control freak, I think.

Charlie Hunnam dropped a pretty refreshing answer right there. Actors will often talk about not having watched past performances, but a majority share of the reasoning tends to be more focused on a pride-based discomfort in watching one's own acting. Or that their time performing on the set was all they needed to take away from a project's character and/or story. But Hunnam's angle seems to be more about creating mutually exclusive parts of his brain for each the final season itself and his own ideas and beliefs about how Jax Teller's story would/should end.

Before first donning the leather and denim for Sons of Anarchy back in 2008, Charlie Hunnam was best known for roles in the U.K. drama Queer as Folk and the short-lived Judd Apatow comedy Undeclared. He reached full adulthood and full stardom as Jax Teller, so the is intrinsically tied to the character, and given it's only been two years since Jax met his end on the front of a big truck, so maybe Hunnam still has some inner mourning happening that's stopping him from watching his last year in the role.

Charlie Hunnam dropped this interesting tidbit to TMZ when he was approached about the upcoming spinoff, which is currently in the pilot stage at FX. While he said Jax was dead, it's pointed out that the show doesn't offer concrete visual evidence of the SAMCRO leader's demise (on the concrete), and that's when Hunnam confessed his lapse in viewing. As far as what he did have to say about Sons of Anarchy: Mayans and any possible appearances, he was clear that he knew nothing about details. But he did tease fans with his willingness to return to the role.

Listen, if they call me...If they want me to do a little dream sequence. I'll do anything for Jax. I love that guy. But I think I'm dead.

Hopefully it won't be long before we get word about Sons of Anarchy: Mayans' next big step. And if that step happens to include announcing all the cast members, including Charlie Hunnam as a harp-playing angel for a dream sequence, we'll take it. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's hitting the small screen in the meantime.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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