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Check Out This Adorable Photo Of Chris Pratt Joining Wife Anna Faris On CBS' Mom

We already love Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, but the fact that they're one of Hollywood's most endearing couples only makes them even more likable. The two have worked together several times over the years on a variety of movies, but their upcoming small screen collaboration for Faris' series, Mom, might be the best one yet. A new photo from Pratt's guest stint on the sitcom has officially surfaced online, and it promises a delightfully fun and adorable episode. Check it out below to see for yourself.

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EW nabbed the above photo of Chris Pratt's imminent guest spot on the CBS sitcom. As you can clearly see, the picture shows the Guardians of the Galaxy star carrying Christy (Anna Faris) into a horse stable. She looks at him longingly, while he looks utterly concerned. The Mom episode in question will follow a fairly classic sitcom premise: Chris Pratt will portray a horseback riding instructor named Nick, who is also the nephew of Mimi Kennedy's Marjorie. Although Marjorie demands that Christy not go anywhere near Nick, the show's protagonist eventually decides to pursue him -- a decision that will likely have some dire (albeit hilarious) consequences.

This is a television guest appearance that we have been looking forward to for quite some time. The announcement that Chris Pratt would appear on Mom surfaced earlier this year, but we've wanted to see him show up on the sitcom for far longer. Between their shared work in films like Take Me Home Tonight, What's Your Number?, and even Movie 43, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have proven time and time again that they definitely have impeccable chemistry with one another. With that in mind, expectations are high for them to team-up and once again deliver the comedy in grand fashion when this Mom episode airs in January.

As many of you already know, while this is Chris Pratt's first time appearing on his wife's sitcom, it's most certainly not his first foray into the world of television. Prior to becoming the mega-star that we all know and love today, Pratt cut his teeth on a number of beloved TV series such as Everwood, The O.C., and (of course) Parks and Recreation. The guy simply knows the television medium like the back of his hand; even if he hasn't done much traditional sitcom work over the course of his career, we still expect him to totally knock his Mom guest appearance out of the park.

Mom airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on CBS; the episode featuring Chris Pratt will air next month on January 19. Stay tuned for more details. Make sure to check out your comprehensive midseason premiere guide to pick up more information related to all of the most highly anticipated spring television debuts!

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