Why Constantine Season 2 Could Actually Happen

john constantine season 2

Constantine was a show that was cancelled before its time when NBC gave it the axe in 2015. The program was based on DC comics character John Constantine, who used his powers as an exorcist and magical expert to hunt supernatural entities. Star Matt Ryan only got thirteen episodes of his own show, but he did get to reprise the role of Constantine when he made a guest appearance on The CW's Arrow. Rumors abounded at the time that Constantine's introduction into the Flarrow-verse could mean that Ryan would have a regular place on The CW. Now, it looks like a Season 2 of Constantine could actually be possible, as The CW's streaming website CW Seed has added the first season of Constantine to its lineup.

CW Seed is a website that offers a variety of original ongoing shows as well as entire series of concluded shows. Constantine is the latest addition to the section of the site known as the "DC Spotlight," which features everything from old live action shows to animated DC movies to an original series. Technically, Constantine could just be a random addition to "DC Spotlight" on CW Seed simply because NBC may have passed on the rights and the show happens to be connected to DC.

Still, it's worth noting that all of the other DC offerings on CW Seed can be connected in some way or other to Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Supergirl. The 1990s Flash obviously relates to the current Flash, and 2002's Birds of Prey featured two incarnations of characters who have popped up on Arrow with the Huntress and Black Canary. Vixen is an original CW Seed web series about a heroine who uses magic to fight crime, and the character already appeared on Arrow. Aversion of the character will be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow in Season 2.

The animated movies Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths and Justice League: Doom are slightly harder to relate to the Flarrow-verse, but they do feature superhero team-ups that are becoming somewhat commonplace as The CW's DC universe expands. If the other CW Seed shows can be connected to CW DC series, perhaps Season 1 of Constantine becoming available on CW Seed is a sign that it will have its own connection via a Season 2 or possibly other guest appearances.

Of course, Constantine couldn't come back without star Matt Ryan in the lead role. Ryan is currently filming the 1940s series The Halcyon in the U.K., but The Halcyon at this point has been billed as a drama of eight installments rather than an ongoing series a la Downton Abbey. He could possibly have the time to return to the American side of the pond for another season of Constantine.

That said, Constantine fans shouldn't start planning on seeing Matt Ryan headlining his own series as John Constantine soon. CW president Mark Pedowitz said less than a year ago that there are no plans in place for spinning off any more superhero shows, and Supergirl's big move from CBS to The CW means that there are already some major changes in store for the network's DC universe. If Constantine does indeed get a Season 2, it probably won't happen for a while.

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