Is This Little Girl's Reality Show Performance Too Sexualized?

taylor swift kid

Recently a contestant on a Filipino competition series gained some notice after a video performance of her imitating Taylor Swift performing "You Belong To Me" went viral. At first, people seemed to love the performance, but as time went on, some people criticized the mom who dressed her daughter up and allowed her to perform in what they think is a sexualized manner. You can give the video a watch and make your own judgment call, below.

The video is from the Filipino competition series Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. The contestant is Xia Vigoa and this isn't her first performance on the competition, although it is one that is more memorable. After the video aired, the show put the clip online and it went viral, with some people thinking it was an adorable performance-- as the judges seemed to--and others noting they felt like the performance was too sexualized.

TV personalities ranging from Piers Morgan to personalities on Great Britain's This Morning have stated they felt discomfort when watching the video as they felt it sexualized the child, who is only 7. Her mother, however, spoke to The Sun, stating that her daughter was competition series featuring and geared to other children. Here's her exact quote.

He should know his facts first... I thought he'd be more intelligent than that. As a mother I would not put my child in a position where she would be sexualized... [the program] is for children.

She also noted that the prize money on the series is for charity and sees no harm in her daughter wanting to dress up and put on a show. After all, she enjoys performing.

If you watch the video, she is wearing makeup and a big 'ol hairdo. There's also a component where the girl's band uniform is ripped off of her to reveal a sparkly dress underneath, but it doesn't really look like it's meant to come off as something titillating. In the original Taylor Swift video, she plays a band geek who throws on a formal gown at the end to attract the attention of Lucas Till, who happens to live next door. Later when performing, Taylor Swift has used a similar band uniform onstage. You can see the original music video, below.

In a previous week, Xia Vigoa also did an impression of Selena Gomez that has proved popular. You can check out more videos here. While Xia will likely keep performing, that hasn't stopped myriad opinions from popping up on the Internet. What do you think of the performance?

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