What Mark Hamill Will Miss About Regular Show The Most

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Instead of the usual "Ohhhhh!" lots of Regular Show fans were saying "Nooooo!" earlier this week whenever the long-running Cartoon Network hit aired its very last episode, capping off a space-set final season. Star Mark Hamill, who voices the ever-respectable Skips, spoke with CinemaBlend about his Comic-Con HQ series Pop Culture Quest, and he was gracious enough to talk Regular Show for a bit. When I asked the Star Wars legend what he'd miss the most about the hilariously calamitous series, here's what he said:

First of all, the people that were on the show itself - J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, Sam [Marin], Roger Craig Smith, just everybody - all of these performers, they were just fun people. I really enjoyed them. It was one of the last shows where we did it all together. 'Cause more and more, you record your characters separately. I've done, I don't know, half a dozen _Miles from Tomorrowland_s, and I've never met the cast. I did a show called Milo Murphy's Law, again, they have you individually and you don't get to interact with the rest of the cast. So I'll miss those people certainly.

Something makes me think that everyone else involved with Regular Show would have an answer that included Mark Hamill's name in it, because duh. But really, I can think of few things in life that sound as singularly fun and unique as being in the room when Regular Show episodes are being recorded; I've probably repeated about four seasons' worth of quotes in my daily life as it is, but that's nowhere near as fun. It's fantastic to know that the whole cast continued that unified process throughout all eight seasons, as the plots got even more outlandish and insane. Oh, to have witnessed all the music episodes coming together...

Not that Mark Hamill is only sad to say goodbye to the living and breathing things about Regular Show. (And perhaps creator J.G. Quintel can call Hamill up for whatever show he puts together next.) He went on about what else he'd miss.

And I loved my character. I mean, he was so unflappable. I love that his role in the show was to sort of be the guy that has to clean up after the mess after Mordecai and Rigby, with their usual moronic behavior, got themselves into some terrible place. For a character that unusual to be the "grown up" on the show, in and of itself, was pretty hilarious.

Indeed. And for as many times as Mordecai and Rigby wronged Skips, it shows just how much heart that big fuzzy dude has to just keep forgiving and forgetting like that. I'm going to miss those characters so much. Ahem. No, I'm not crying. Really, I just have some abominable snow in my eye.

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To cheer up, grab a spare cart and head to Comic-Con HQ to catch the first season of Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest, in which audiences get to vicariously geek out on film and TV collectors' treasures of all kinds. (Head here to hear about what Mark Hamill told CinemaBlend about a recent episode where he held his Return of the Jedi lightsaber for the first time in decades.) The season finale, featuring the entertainment-focused 3D printing company Gentle Giant, airs Tuesday, January 24. Subscriptions are 5 bucks, and the first two episodes are available to stream for free.

And while you're waiting for Regular Show to get its revival series going in a few years, check out our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to the small screen soon.

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