Lucifer Just Cast The Perfect Actor As God

It was only a matter of time before Fox's Lucifer got around to casting God. Seeing as how the show is about the literal Devil abandoning his throne on hell in favor of a life of excitement in Los Angeles, we all knew God was going to be on the show in one way or another. Despite never being there in person, his presence has always been a big part of the show, and now Lucifer will finally meet face to face with his father. The show has cast the perfect actor in the role too. Timothy Omundson will portray the character... but with a bit of a twist.

Timothy Omundson

According to EW, Lucifer has cast Timothy Omundson in the role of God, but it apparently won't be so simple. Omundson will be playing a character named God Johnson, a patient in a psychiatric hospital who thinks he is the actual God. He's described as being charming and enigmatic, but that's not enough to convince Lucifer, who will set out to prove that God Johnson is a phony. However, God Johnson will know things that only the true God would know, leaving even Lucifer to wonder if he could be the real deal.

Season 2 has primarily dealt with Lucifer's mother--God's wife, who had formerly been imprisoned in hell by the big guy in the sky. It should be interesting to see God come down to Earth for a little family reunion. As for if God Johnson could actually be God, it's not impossible. Fans of the show know that deities can possess any recently deceased body they choose, much like Lucifer's mother did. God could simply be doing the same, and it'll be fun to see how it plays out, especially with Omundson at the wheel.

Timothy Omundson is an actor perhaps known best for his comedic work. Some of his most notable work includes his role as curmudgeon Detective Carlton Lassiter on USA's Psych before he lent his pipes to the musical comedy Galavant as the lovably oafish King Richard. He has a number of guest starring roles in his back pocket such as appearances on Supernatural, Hot in Cleveland, and American Housewife. He's definitely got the charisma needed for the role, and it'll be fun to see him onscreen with Tom Ellis' Lucifer.

After two more episodes, Lucifer will go on hiatus until May, with Omundson appearing as God Johnson soon after. Lucifer airs on Monday's at 9 p.m. EST on Fox. For more information about your favorite shows, check out our 2017 midseason TV guide!

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