Why People Actually Join Netflix, According To Netflix

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Netflix has made a huge push to create more original content in recent years, and the streaming service has subsequently been known for its large library of original shows, movies and comedy specials. While Netflix CEO Reed Hastings doesn't believe that a show like Fuller House or House of Cards might get people to sign on for Netflix, during the most recent earning call for Quarter 4 of 2016, he did reveal why he thinks people are turning to Netflix as a streaming service. Here's what he had to say:

Think of it [like] it's a cumulative effect. Very few people will join Netflix just because of a single title. But there's a tipping point. We have one more title that has great excitement, you're hearing a lot about and that triggers you to finally sign up for Netflix.

Netflix is pumping billions and billions of dollars into the service, with plans to increase production of originals by a large percentage in 2017. In addition, Netflix will reportedly be delving more heavily into unscripted original programming for the first time. It's clear that Netflix places a premium on its original content, just not individually. From what Reed Hastings is saying (via Madison.com), it's the sum total of programming that entices new subscribers rather than specific titles like The Crown or Longmire. And perhaps, if Netflix wasn't pushing so hard with originals, the service's content would be less viable. Ted Sarandos has also mentioned that once shows are on the air for a season or longer, enthusiasm builds for those programs, which helps with subscriber numbers, as well.

Per the Quarter 4 results, the plan seems to be working. Netflix had a great end to 2016, adding 7.05 million total subscribers. This means that currently there are 93.8 million total subscribers worldwide. While the streaming service has seen slower growth in the U.S. more recently, there's plenty of room for growth elsewhere in the world. That's why some of Netflix's originals have been geared toward foreign language content, as well. If original programming is what Netflix feels is making its world go 'round, so to speak, then so be it.

Coming up, Netflix has later seasons of some of its most prominent programs coming back, including new seasons of Orange Is The New Black, Sense8 and more. In addition, as noted prior, the streaming service is not slowing down when it comes to making new original shows. Santa Clarita Diet, which has an unusual premise, is hitting the schedule next month. And Netflix's latest collaboration with Marvel, Iron Fist, is scheduled to premiere in March. To find out what else is coming up, you can take a look at our Netflix premiere schedule.

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