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Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live was chock full of unexpected surprises. From Alex Baldwin's cold open to Melissa McCarthy's surprise appearance as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, SNL pulled no punches for Kristen Stewart's episode hosting. This includes bringing back one of the most popular digital shorts from the past few seasons: The Totino's lady. The fake commercial follows Vanessa Bayer play a woman cooking Totino's Pizza Rolls for her husband during the Super Bowl, but the ad always falls into chaos in unexpected ways. The newest version saw Twilight actress Kristen Stewart burst onto the scene, and things quickly turn into a romantic lesbian foreign film. It'll make sense later.

Once again, the Totino's ad never fails to deliver major laughs. Let's break down all the glorious insanity from the above digital short.

Like every Super Bowl, Vanessa Bayer's Totino lady is busy in the kitchen cooking for her husband and friends, aka her "hungry guys". After some misogynistic jokes at the hands of her guests, Bayer soon discovers that one of her husband's friends brought his sister along. What started off as two ladies cooking up some treats in the kitchen soon turned into something much more romantic.

From the moment Vanessa Bayer sees Kristen Stewart, you can tell that the thought of delicious pizza snacks was the last thing on her mind. The two meet, Kristen Stewart asks Bayer's name... but she's never been given one. She's just the wife/cook. Stewart isn't going to let that happen.

The next few minutes are a pendulum of ridiculousness, highlighting the juxtaposition between the guys watching football and the two women getting more and more intimate. We see the ladies first lock hands over a tray of Totino's, and then Vanessa Bayer draw a beautiful sketch of Kristen Stewart holding one of the treats. Things only continue to get more steamy, as the women begin speaking in French and dousing each other with water in the kitchen, the men still unable to turn their heads away from the TV.

But perhaps the moment that made me laugh the hardest was when Vanessa Bayer and Kristen Stewart were naked on the kitchen island. Because after Stewart caressed Bayer's hair and face, the SNL actress returned the favor... by stroking her face with a Totino pizza roll.

kristen stewart snl

I mean come on. That's gold right there.

What was your favorite sketch of the night? Did you catch Kristen Stewart's accidental f-bomb? Sound off in the comments below.

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