Has This Is Us' Miguel Always Had Feelings For Rebecca? Here's What The Actor Says

You wouldn't think that there would be many characters on NBC's This Is Us that inspire hate in the fanbase, and you'd be right. It turns out there is really only one character that the fans love to hate, and that is Miguel. Everyone who watches the show is wondering if he always had designs on his best friend's wife, seeing as how he married Rebecca after Jack died, and now actor Jon Huertas has weighed in on the controversy. It turns out he has a very different view of the, somewhat hinky, situation.

Miguel has never had feelings for Rebecca in that way in the past. Miguel is not jealous or envious of Jack having Rebecca, he's envious of what they have because he doesn't have that with Shelly. He loves Jack more than anyone. Other than Shelly, maybe. Miguel knows what Rebecca has done to improve Jack's life and his being. He would never have feelings for Rebecca like that in the past. I play it like, 'Don't be stupid, stay on track.' That's what I try to do with Miguel.

Well, well, well. Apparently, Jon Huertas doesn't believe that it's possible that Miguel had naughty romantic feelings for Rebecca back when he and Jack were palling around. To him, the only thing Miguel was interested in was the strength of the relationship that Rebecca and Jack had, and wishing he had that kind of romance with his own wife, Shelly. Huertas' goal in playing the past version of Miguel, as he tells it, seems to be getting that point across and not veering into I-want-my-best-friend's-wife territory, since he feels that it's basically impossible that feelings like that are actually waiting to be uncovered in the past.

Jon Huertas may be firm in the belief that Miguel wasn't up to no good where Rebecca was concerned while Jack was alive, as he made clear in his talk with The Hollywood Reporter, but I'm not completely sure that his opinion will settle the fears of all the fans who have taken to an intense dislike (to put it mildly) of his character. I mean, let's face it, for a lot of people, marrying someone who was married to a good friend is a line you simply don't cross. Ever. That's the main reason so many This Is Us viewers are convinced Miguel must have had his eye on sweet, oblivious Rebecca for most (or all) of the time she was married to Jack.

It makes a lot of sense that Jon Huertas doesn't want to entertain the idea that Miguel is a creep who had the hots for his buddy's wife. He also revealed in the interview that he's only gotten some very broad strokes on the character from the creator, so, as an actor, why immediately jump to that sordid conclusion when there's no evidence to really support it yet? You can catch the unfolding Miguel-Jack-Rebecca drama when This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.

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