Why Netflix’s Programming Is All Over The Board, According To Netflix

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If you've been keeping tabs on Netflix's rise in the original programming game, you may have noticed that Netflix features a wide variety of types of programming, and we're not just talking scripted vs. unscripted or comedy vs. drama. Within Netflix's originals there's also a wide variety in terms of what Netflix is trying to do and what sort of audience it is trying to hit. Some shows, like Narcos, do well internationally. Some, like The Crown, do well critically. And some, like Fuller House or Gilmore Girls feed on nostalgia and reportedly do well domestically. If you've wondered why different shows go for totally different vibes and audiences, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has an answer for you.

We aren't in the business of creating 'one size fits all' programming, or building slates to fill a finite number of hours of a programming grid. We're catering to a dynamic world full of people with different tastes - and as a result, no two Netflix experiences are alike - we want to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Precisely because Netflix is producing such a high volume of original programs in a variety of formats and genres, the company is able to really go for a ton of different audiences. The Netflix users who are super in to Narcos may not be the same users that love to binge-watch Fuller House. Those who love Fuller House may not dig the comedy in F is for Family. Those who like Daredevil may not dig the type of crime solving in Longmire or the diverse comedy Master of None. And that seems to be totally Okay with Netflix, a company that this week also announced a slew of upcoming dates, renewals, new programs and footage for original shows.

In the aforementioned announcement, Netflix also refers to itself as a service that knows "no time slot, no genre and no geographic bounds," so it is clear that Sarandos' comments are a message the subscription streaming service is really trying to hammer home. We've known for a while that Netflix would be signing on for even more originals in 2017. We've also known that Netflix has plans to really expand in the unscripted arena this year, and we've even seen trailers for the first shows Netflix is attempting in that area. The streaming service clearly wants to fill a lot of niches, which is very much different than the goals of the major networks. Netflix is also able to fill more niches than cable or subscription streaming services.

In some ways, this means that users never know what to expect when signing on for a Netflix original. In other ways, it means that Netflix can sign on for projects that other channels and services might have to pass on, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt being a prime example of that. We'll have to wait and see what other programs Netflix will pull out of its hat, but for now you can see what TV has coming with our premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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