Netflix's F Is For Family Renewed For Season 2

If I had as much confidence in myself as Netflix does in its original programming, then I’d be…well, I’m not confident enough to guess what that might be. In any case, the streaming giant leaves no stone unturned when dishing out season renewals, and the latest to earn another batch of episodes is F is for Family, the foul-mouthed animated comedy from stand-up comedian Bill Burr and writer Michael Price. The always hilarious Burr actually shared the news himself, via an expletive-laden video tweet. NSFW without headphones.

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Okay, so technically cast member Haley Reinhart may have said it the other day on a local news show, but that didn’t gain as much instant traction as Bill Burr putting it out there on Twitter. Perhaps it only became official today. Regardless of how the news got out there, the point is that it’s great news. Burr followed up in a later tweet that Netflix upped the order and Season 2 will be ten episodes instead of four.

Netflix’s initial dive into adult-geared animated fare, BoJack Horseman (Season 3 coming soon), is a superbly absurd study on celebrity and television and addiction, as seen through the prism of talking animals. F is for Family, on the other hand, is a far more traditional TV comedy that centers on a family of five where personalities never stop clashing. Burr’s character Frank Murphy is a war veteran whose angered profanity is more plentiful than his hair follicles, and he’s married to Laura Dern’s Sue, a housewife with a Tupperware-ish side gig. Justin Long plays the typically juvenile teenage son, Debi Derryberry is the precocious (but not necessarily angelic) daughter Maureen, and Haley Reinhart’s Bill is a bullied youngin.

While the sensibilities aren’t quite the same, the closest comparison for F is for Family is King of the Hill, but only if Hank Hill’s most pissed off mood was just stretched out over the course of the entire series. If you’ve seen Bill Burr’s standup routines, you know that the guy is a master of constrained rage that he unleashes in pointed tirades at all manner of things. And Frank is basically just the “turnt up curmudgeon” version of that side of Burr’s personality. It’s great stuff, and the six episodes in Season 1 just weren’t enough, so it’s fantastic that another four episodes have been added for the second go-round.

Netflix has been busy recently, building its championed original programming library by releasing Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and confirming a new drama focused on the Brazilian corruption scandal. Not to mention the announcements for all the new stand-up specials and Hannibal Burress’ doc Hannibal Takes Edinburgh. Check out everything else the streaming service has coming with our Netflix schedule.

Considering F is for Family Season 1 premiered in December 2015, I can’t imagine we’ll be getting Season 2 at any point earlier than that timeframe in 2016. But there’s lots of stuff premiering over the next few months that you can check out with our Summer TV schedule.

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