What Metallica Really Thought Of The Lady Gaga Grammy Duet

The 2017 Grammys made for the kind of evening filled with all the glitz, glamor, spectacle, and song that we've come to expect out of music awards shows, and one of the most incredible performances came when Metallica teamed up with Lady Gaga for a duet. It was a collaboration that few of us expected ever to see, and it's one that some of us may never forget. According to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, it was a "clusterfuck," but not necessarily in a bad way. He elaborated on his thoughts about the performance, saying this:

It was totally energetic and crazy. It was just energy and excitement and nuttiness, so her being right in my face just added to the whole exhilarating energy that was happening for those few minutes. I haven't seen it yet, but I've gotten 700 texts from people just saying the chaos and tornado-like energy of it really translated well on TV.

Lady Gaga joined Lars Ulrich and the group for a new rendition of their 2016 song "Moth Into Flame," and I'd say that it definitely qualifies as "energetic" and "crazy." The performance got off to a rocky start when lead singer James Hetfield's microphone failed for the entire first verse of the song. Luckily, the folks on stage figured out the mishap pretty quickly, and Hetfield was able to share a microphone with Lady Gaga and belt the song in all its frenetic glory.

Although the crew recovered well enough from the microphone issue, there was another close call. Lady Gaga almost tripped herself on live TV due to her enthusiastic dance moves. Still, the band powered through the hiccups and delivered one of the most epic numbers of the entire evening. Take a look!

Love it, hate it, or couldn't really hear it, the Metallica/Lady Gaga collaboration was the kind of spectacle that viewers count on seeing from the Grammys each year. We got some other incredible numbers from the likes of Beyonce, Adele, and Bruno Mars, and James Corden was a pretty fun host throughout the night. Lars Ulrich's comments on EW's L.A. Daily radio show prove that Metallica at least doesn't have any regrets about their decision to work with Lady Gaga at the Grammys this year. Given that she just got a huge moth tattooed on her back in honor of Metallica, I hope Lady Gaga doesn't harbor any regrets either.

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