Watch A Couple's Make Out Session Implode In An Extremely Awkward Reality Show Moment

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If you've never caught Married at First Sight, you should know straightaway that the couples who are married know nothing about one another and as a result do not often get along on the reality show, with a few exceptions. On the Australian version of Married at First Sight we got a great example of the drama this show has brought into the fold when a make out session went awry. To see the extremely awkward reality TV moment, take a look at the video, below.

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The clip from Married at First Sight actually kicked off with what looked to be a pretty romantic date between Andrew and Cheryl. There was a beach setting, a cute picnic spread and Andrew just singing while playing his guitar. However, it wasn't to last. When the Married at First Sight man finished his song, he started kissing Cheryl and she awkwardly pushed away, directly telling him:

I don't want to kiss you.

Now, the lady obviously should not be forced to kiss anyone she doesn't want to kiss, especially under such weird circumstances, but man is that brutal to watch, especially when you sit through that heartfelt but cringe-worthy original song, first. If you only watched it once, go ahead, just reply Andrew's crushed faced. (He went on to explain how fucked up the moment felt.)

The moment is even more embarrassing if you have any context for the episode. Andrew was actually left by his first wife, Lauren, shortly after they got married. So then, Australia's Married at First Sight paired him with Cheryl, but only because Cheryl asked to leave her own Married at First Sight marriage in order to pair up with Andrew. What a complex romantic life they have woven. Kids, this is probably why you shouldn't get married at first sight.

This isn't the craziest reality TV moment we've ever seen, but Married at First Sight has frequently put people into really wild situations, mostly due to the premise of the TV show, which asks total strangers to totally rearrange their lives for one another. The good news? Some Married at First Sight couples really have found happiness on the reality show, even if there was some drama drama on the TV stint. To catch more of this unscripted reality series, you can head over to FYI where episodes run frequently. To take a look at what is premiering soon, check out our upcoming TV guide.

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