A Crazy Community Reunion Is Happening On Dr. Ken's Season 2 Finale

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One of TV's quieter and consistent hits, the ABC comedy Dr. Ken has kept audiences chuckling for almost two seasons now, and along the way, star Ken Jeong has welcomed several of his former Community co-stars to the show. It sounds like Season 2 will cap off with the weirdest cameo appearance yet, as it won't be an actor, per se, but rather Community creator Dan Harmon, and the role will be as meta as the series that spawned this reunion.

Stop me if you've heard this one. For Dr. Ken, Dan Harmon will be taking on the role of someone who has created a new TV comedy series that is set within a community college, according to Deadline. Having seen Ken do stand-up at an open mic, Harmon's character invites Ken to audition for the show, but things do not go very positively, to say the least. Guess that TV creator should CHANG his mind about approaching random comedians with job offers, amirite?

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Considering Dan Harmon's temperament with the world of network TV, and the fact that he doesn't do a ton of on-screen acting, it's rather surprising that he'll be showing up on Dr. Ken. He'd seemingly be more likely to appear as a live-action distraction on Rick and Morty, which he co-created, or even to see animated Rick and Morty make cameos on Dr. Ken. But the art-imitating-life concept behind Harmon's character fits right into the Community mindset, so this is definitely the best way to make the appearance happen. As well as a solid way to close out Season 2; the episode, titled "Ken's Big Audition," is set to air on Friday, March 31.

Dr. Ken hasn't been renewed for Season 3 yet, though there hasn't been any cancellation news, either. Though the overall viewership is consistent, the comedy has a bit of a ratings issue when it comes to the key demographic, which is likely a big part of ABC's decision for the show's future. It's unlikely Community cameos will be enough to secure another year of episodes, but Dr. Ken can't stop and won't stop.

The first time Ken Jeong was joined by his former co-stars happened in Season 1 when Joel McHale and Danny Pudi added a double dose of Greendale pride. Jim Rash hopped in later to put a Dean-t in things, and even Fresh Off the Boat's Randall Park's appearance counts, since he showed up on Community twice. What's more, an upcoming non-finale Dr. Ken episode will welcome Jonathan Banks, who added his presence to the community college following his Breaking Bad stint.

It's a good time to hear about Dr. Ken news, as the series airs tonight and every other Friday night on ABC at 8:30 p.m. ET. Check out our list of the best Community characters and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what will be premiering in the coming weeks.

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