A Community Reunion Is Coming To Dr. Ken, Get The Details

It’s taken a while, but most TV realists find it’s no longer impossible to accept that Community isn’t coming back. And while that’s a sad thing, at least we won’t go the rest of our lives without seeing some of the show’s leading actors doing other projects together. Ken Jeong’s ABC sitcom Dr. Ken will soon feature a mini-Community reunion – a Communion? – with Joel McHale and Danny Pudi dropping in for an episode. It’s no Troy and Abed in the Morning, but it works for us.

McHale will be playing a character not too far off from Community’s Jeff Winger. As Ross Kirkland, McHale will be a bullish medical malpractice attorney that’s served as Ken’s nemesis for a long time, and the two men will be forced to come together when their children get into an intense young romance. That should make for absolutely zero drama, right?

Meanwhile, Pudi will play a far less esoteric character than his Abed, although his name is Topher Mitchum, so that’s something. Topher is Dr. Julie’s manipulative on-and-off boyfriend, and he has a way of wooing her all the time with his seemingly naïve ways. I really like the idea of Danny Pudi as a romantic blowhard.’

Take a look at the tweet below from TV Insider, where you can see the former castmates sitting on a couch together, rather than around a table at Greendale.

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Now if only every TV show could get Jim Rash on, preferably in the same Dean persona, because that shit just didn’t get old.

While it’s impossible to call a show “dead” these days, give how often things get revived, it’s safe to say that Dr. Ken is much more alive than Community is right now. After being canceled by NBC, the quirk-laden comedy was picked up by Yahoo, and the lone season that streamed there was a giant financial bungle for the company. The cast’s contracts ran out, as well, so unless someone with a bunch of money and a great sense of humor steps up, we’ll likely be getting most of our Community reunions on Dr. Ken.

Currently in its winter hiatus, Dr. Ken will return for the rest of Season 1 at some point in early 2016.

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