How Much Of Training Day Bill Paxton Filmed Before His Death

Bill Paxton and Justin Cornwell in CBS' Training Day

Today has been a shocking one for the world of movies and television. Because despite the excitement over tonight's Academy Awards ceremony, a major figure in the world of entertainment has died. Actor Bill Paxton has passed away at the young age of 61, sending shock waves through the world of entertainment. And although this news is very tragic, there is the added complication of his lead role in CBS' new series Training Day. Many have been wondering what will happen to the show, and if Paxton had even finished shooting the new series. But now we have some answers.

CBS has just confirmed that Bill Paxton had completed filming all of his scenes for Training Day, meaning that the first season will likely be aired in its entirety. The midseason replacement will be able to produce its full 13 episode run, granted CBS wants to air the full season. But given the importance of this series being Paxton's last project, smart money says that the network will likely make all 13 episodes available, either through television broadcast or digital streaming.

Despite Bill Paxton's always great acting, it's been a rocky road for Training Day. Having already aired 4 episodes on CBS, the series isn't exactly getting the type of viewership that the network was likely hoping for. After premiering to 4.73 million viewers, every week since has had a steady decline in ratings. Additionally, Training Day hasn't been doing too great in regards to critical reception; at the time of writing, Season 1 has a 21 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So while it previously looked like Training Day would likely be cancelled at the end of its first season, Bill Paxton's passing will presumably make this a certainty. He's essentially half of the show, and continuing on without his character seems nearly impossible. Alas, we'll just have to wait and see what CBS decides.

CBS and WBTV actually released a joint statement about the loss Bill Paxton. Check it out (via Deadline)

We are shocked and deeply saddened this morning by the news of Bill Paxton's passing. Bill was, of course, a gifted and popular actor with so many memorable roles on film and television. His colleagues at CBS and Warner Bros. Television will also remember a guy who lit up every room with infectious charm, energy and warmth, and as a great storyteller who loved to share entertaining anecdotes and stories about his work. All of us here offer our deepest sympathy to his wife, Louise, and his two children.

Despite Training Days' various shortcomings, it certainly seems significant in the wake of Bill Paxton's untimely death. The series will be one of the last chances to see Paxton's fantastic work as an actor, which is sure to gain the attention of his many fans.

Training Day currently airs Thursdays on CBS.

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