With Wally gone and Savitar back, The Flash team will have to resort to desperate measures during next week's episode. This means Barry is going back into the Speed Force, which looks as if it will bring up some ghosts from the past. The last time Barry was trapped in the Speed Force he dealt with a lot of self-reflection. This time seems like it will be similar, but definitely a freakier than the first time. We got some fresh pics of who's back and why it's important. Check them out.

Eddie is back for the first time since Season 2 of The Flash. If you're scratching your head right now, you forgot about when Barry went back in time to attempt to learn how to beat Zoom and ran into Eddie before he would sacrifice himself to save the team. Now, we're running into Eddie in the Speed Force, and it's hard to say who or what is going on now. With Eobard Thawne alive again you have to wonder how Speed Force Eddie might feel about his sacrifice being in vain.

Given Eddie's past relationship with Iris, I'm sure we'll be hearing about some guilt related to that, as well. With Iris's life in the balance, you can bet the Speed Force will wrestle with Barry's emotions and the fact that Barry moved in on Iris not too long after Eddie's death. For those who always hoped to see the two come to blows over the love of Iris, this might be as good of an opportunity as you'll ever get, although this picture seems like the two are hashing it out over words instead.

Perhaps an even crazier return is Robbie Amell as Ronnie. Last we saw Ronnie was when we saw his doppelganger on Earth-2. Both versions of Ronnie are now dead, and judging from the costume, it's safe to say this is the Earth-1 Ronnie who sacrificed himself to save Central City by flinging himself into the Singularity. I'm guessing his appearance has something to do with Caitlyn's new meta situation.

Whatever is going on definitely involves Caitlyn as the trailer from next week's episode shows her holding a baby and singing to it. Ronnie's appearance might involve the life he could have had with Caitlyn had there been another way to stop the Singularity. Maybe he'll also have some tips on how Barry can help Caitlyn cope with her meta powers? Either way, I'm always jazzed to see Robbie Amell on the series--it sucks to see Caitlyn's struggle to find love post-Ronnie.

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