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Warning: spoilers ahead for Legends of Tomorrow. Don't read any further if you are not up to date on the titular team's latest time travel adventures!

Despite all of the setbacks that have occurred this season, things are finally starting to look up on Legends of Tomorrow. The team has managed to reprogram Rip Hunter back to his old self, and they can now continue their mission to prevent the Spear of Destiny from falling into the hands of the Legion of Doom. Sadly, it sounds like they aren't going to be successful in that endeavor, and the "Doomsworld" episode that will debut later this month will trap our heroes in a new, hellish reality. Brandon Routh explained:

For the Legends, it's very different. None of us have our abilities and powers. Ray is a janitor for S.T.A.R. Labs, and the world is being run by insane crazy people. So, yeah, it's a bit of the worst nightmare.

Quick, think of the absolute worst thing that could happen to you based on everything you love and hold dear. Now imagine that a trio of psychotic supervillains (we're still waiting for Leonard Snart to show up properly) have used a magic spear to turn that imaginary horror into a complete reality. According to Brandon Routh's recent comments to EW, that's exactly what we're going to see occur on the "Doomsworld" episode of Legends of Tomorrow on March 28. Rather than suffer physical torture, the entire team will simply be forced to live through their worst nightmares.

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This revelation pretty much guarantees that the Legion of Doom is going to get its hands on the rest of the Spear of Destiny, which might spell doom (pun intended) for Commander Steel during his mission on Apollo 13 during next week's episode. It also means that the team will eventually need to get it back. After all, time travel cannot undo the changes made by the spear, which means they will need to use the spear itself to fix history.

One significant aspect of this development that has us curious is the thought of the other types of personal hell we will see created for the Legends. For Rip, this could involve the possible return of Vandal Savage. For Sara Lance, it could see her returned to her life as a mere college student in Star City. Honestly, the possibilities are practically endless. The only thing that we know is that we're going to see these heroes at their lowest, and that means they're going to have to work as a team to fix this mess.

We will just have to wait and see what these personal hells look like when "Doomsworld" airs on March 28. Legends of Tomorrow airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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