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Soccer Player Thanks His Wife, Slips And Accidentally Thanks His Girlfriend Too

In the heat of celebration, people can be guilty of doing the most extreme things, and a lot of that questionable behavior comes up whenever sports teams are the ones doing the winning. The debauchery often involves rioting in the streets and people flipping vehicles over, but that wasn't at all the case for South African soccer star Mohammad Anas, who made a major slip of the tongue during a post-game interview when he accidentally showed appreciation not only for his wife, but also his...non-wife. Watch and cringe.

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There aren't enough "yikes" in the world to properly convey the desperate cold that presumably replaced everything beneath Mohammad Anas' skin in that moment, including his bones and organs. Here up top, we're just going to make the initial blanketed assumption that Anas was so pumped to have been granted the Man of the Match distinction for the recent context between Free State and Cape Town, for which he scored two goals, that he didn't mean "girlfriend" at all. Like, maybe he and his lady just got married not long ago, so he was so used to calling her his "girlfriend," that it was even weirder for him to say "wife." That could happen, right?

Okay, so it's definitely a less likely scenario for Mohammad Anas to have done that than for him to have legitimately outed himself as having an extra-marital affair on live TV. His reaction was just a tad too "WTF did I just do in front of my country and the entire world, and is there any chance that scoring those soccer goals will overshadow anything that has been said here today?" He admittedly plays it off better than I would have in a similar position - not that I have a similar position to be in, Wife of Mine - in that he nervously corrects himself, over emphasizes and then moves on. I fear a custodian would have been forced to mop up a bucket worth of sweaty remains had it been me.

Sports journalist Gary Al-Smith shared the video on Twitter, and it almost definitely got more attention around the world - or at least here in the U.S. - to non-sports fans than anything that actually happened during the soccer game itself. We do tend to like controversy as much as joy sometimes. Here's hoping Mohammad Anas continues his fine career and manages to work on his mic skills as the years go by.

Live TV has been pretty problematic for people lately, such as that BBC reporter whose televised interview was disrupted when his children and wife burst into the room in his home where he was filming, or Awkward NBA Pictionary. It's never easy to tell when live TV will offer up the next greatest shudder-worthy viral moment, so you'll just have to keep watching everything at all times. Otherwise, you can head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to see all the planned shows that are coming to the small screen in the future.

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