Arrow's Felicity Is Finally Suiting Up, But It's Not How You Think

The CW's DC universe is filled with all kinds of masked characters, but there has been one pretty notable exception among the shows' main casts. Although tech genius Felicity Smoak has been a major player on Arrow from the very first season, the only masks she's gotten to wear were either borrowed or generic. Many Felicity fans have been waiting nearly five years to see her get a superhero costume of her own. Now, she'll definitely be suiting up, but it won't be on Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow (and Arrow) executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted this intriguing image:

Felicity Smoak will evidently be donning a mask and suit for a guest spot in next week's "Doomworld" episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Marc Guggenheim's tweet indicates that she'll be going the purple route for her persona, and she seems to be sticking with technology as her weapons. In fact, she doesn't seem to have much in the way of gear beyond her wrist gadget and the lights on her mask.

The image doesn't indicate what kind of masked character she'll be. While her obvious role would be as a superhero doing her thing on the streets to battle the Legion of Doom, the episode sounds like it will be turning everything upside down, and what could be more upside down than a villainous costumed Felicity Smoak? Legends of Tomorrow has toyed with characters' loyalties before, and we've already seen the show go to some pretty wild places with alternate versions of Arrow characters. Felicity in "Doomworld" could be an epic superhero; she could also be a baddie.

The costume bears some similarities to Arrow's version of the Huntress, who also favored a purple jacket with tailcoats. The hood somewhat resembles Oliver's first Green Arrow hood, insofar as it doesn't appear to be stiff leather. All things considered, she has a bit of a Stephanie Brown/Spoiler look. It should be interesting to see how the costume actually looks in the episode compared to the concept art.

As a viewer of the entire CW DC universe, I'm conflicted about Felicity suiting up. On the one hand, I think it could be entertaining to see an alternate universe Felicity in a suit in the same way that it was entertaining to see an alternate timeline (and armless) Oliver brooding around a war-torn Star City. On the other hand, I vastly prefer when characters get to be superheroes in their own domain, and Felicity has always done her part to save the day as the Team Arrow tech guru. I'm willing to wait and see before forming any judgments, but my fingers are already crossed that she won't suit up on any kind of regular basis on Arrow.

You can catch Felicity Smoak suited up in the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, March 28 at 9 p.m. ET. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide for a look at all your other viewing options.

Laura Hurley
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