Naked And Afraid XL Has Been Renewed For Season 3 At Discovery

Naked And Afraid is not something most people would be excited to be in real life, but it makes for a great television show. So good of television, in fact, that Discovery felt like viewers needed a more intense experience and brought us Naked And Afraid XL, which is all the intensity of the original series cranked up to 11. Apparently, they were onto something as viewers made the show a big enough hit for Discovery to green light Season 3, and this season sounds more intense than ever.

Season 3 of Naked And Afraid XL will put 9 contestants in one of the most dangerous environments out there: the Amazon Basin. Beginning April 23rd, viewers will watch contestants attempt to survive for 40 days as they battle the elements, animals, and sickness, knowing that the nearest city is 100 miles away. Discovery tells THR that Season 3 of the series will feature many setbacks and injuries, and that not all contestants will be able to complete the challenge. Discovery also tells us Season 3 will also feature some unexpected visitors, which really makes you wonder who would sign up to appear on this series voluntarily? We'll have a chance to find out as the full cast reveal for Season 3 of Naked And Afraid XL will be revealed tomorrow night on Naked Nights at 10 p.m. ET.

While Discovery's statement could allude to celebrities appearing on the show, it could also mean contestants stumble upon some indigenous people living within the Amazon Basin. While there aren't a ton of humans living inland, there are a few. If I was on Naked And Afraid XL, I would be thanking the stars if I saw someone who has been navigating the dangers of the Amazon since birth! There are plenty of dangers in the Amazon Basin that you would not want to face alone.

The Amazon Basin is host to a lot of deadly animals that will very likely shorten the stay of any Naked And Afraid XL Season 3 contestants, should they come in contact with them. Anacondas, Black Caiman alligators, piranha, and jaguar are all in this area... and that's just the stuff that will eat you! There's also poison dart frogs, the Brazilian wandering spider, and the assassin bug as well as several other small creatures you don't want to touch or get bitten by. Basically, the Amazon Basin is a death trap, and I would be very curious to see the waiver forms these contestants signed before joining up.

I started writing this thinking about how cool it would be to visit the Amazon rainforest, but now that I know what the cast of Naked And Afraid XL will go through in Season 3 I'm good just seeing it on television. The show returns on Discovery beginning April 23rd at 10 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in and also check out our Summer premiere schedule to start mapping out the rest of your Sunday night going forward.

Mick Joest
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