Chandler's Best One-Liner On Friends, According To Matthew Perry

All the characters on Friends came to be known for one thing or other, whether it was Rachel's haircut or Monica's hyper-organization or Joey's "How you doin'?" pickup line. When it comes to Chandler, he's undoubtedly best known for all the one-liners he was known to drop over the decade of the series on NBC. Actor Matthew Perry recently revealed which of his Chandler one-liners he thinks was best of all, and it goes all the way back to Season 2. Check out Chandler at his finest:

Matthew Perry revealed his pick for Chandler's best one-liner during an appearance on Good Morning America to promote his new Reelz miniseries Kennedys: After Camelot, and I'd say it's a pretty solid choice. It couldn't have been easy to narrow down ten seasons' worth of one-liners to pick Chandler's best, but the q-tip line is pretty immortal. Oh, Joey. If only you had listened, Joey might never have happened.

Obviously, the joke is funny on its own, as Joey can't remember how old he was at a certain point in 1990. It's even funnier when we remember that it took place in Season 2, which kicked off in 1995. Matt LeBlanc wasn't exactly over the hill and aged in 1995, but he was clearly more than 20 or 21. Hilariously, this wasn't even the only time that Chandler would be called upon to point out Joey's age confusion. Throw in the insane amount of money Joey owed Chandler by the end of the series' run, and I think it's safe to say that old Joe just wasn't great when it came to numbers... or accents.

Matthew Perry has gone on the record that there are gaps in his memory of his time as Chandler due to drug use. His Good Morning America pick makes it clear that either the q-tip quip stuck with him since the mid-90s or he, like me, occasionally gets sucked into a Youtube vortex of Friends jokes and rediscovered it. We can only cross our fingers and hope that he'll someday reprise the role of Chandler for a reunion or revival. Hell, I'd take a Red Nose Day special if it brought the Friends friends back together for a few minutes. If Love Actually can do it, why not Friends?

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