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Janet McTeer in Me Before You

Every Marvel hero brings something different to the table, and Jessica Jones' (Krysten Ritter) corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly embodies that idea. Jessica Jones was a major hit with fans when it debuted in 2015, thus making its second season pretty much inevitable. We've been on pins and needles waiting to see what new stories and characters will enter the fold now that David Tennant's Kilgrave has been dealt with, and it seems that the second season has finally started to come together. In addition to the established returning cast members, Jessica Jones Season 2 has officially found its newest star in the form of Oscar-nominee Janet McTeer.

A report from EW indicates that Janet McTeer has officially joined the cast of Jessica Jones' second season in an unspecified role. Although the exact nature of her character and her specific relevance to the plot of the upcoming season of the hit Netflix series remains a mystery, her character has been described as someone who "will have an enormous impact on Jessica's life." That's obviously not much to go by in a series where the stakes are always sky high, but it's better than nothing. Is it possible that McTeer's character will have a connection to IGH and Jessica's past? We will have to wait and see.

The casting of Janet McTeer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a significant moment for this entire franchise, if for no other reason than the fact that she adds a notable amount of prestige to the MCU. A seasoned actress with a resume which dates back decades, McTeer is a very talented performer who has a Golden Globe win to her name, as well as two Oscar nominations -- one for 1999's Tumbleweeds, and another for 2011's Albert Nobbs. She's one hell of a catch for Marvel TV, and she joins an incredibly talented cast that already includes the aforementioned Krysten Ritter, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachael Taylor, and Wil Traval.

Overall, the primary mission of Jessica Jones' second season is to capitalize on everything that audiences loved so much about the initial season of the series. The show became highly popular for its depiction of depression, alcoholism, and rape trauma, as well as its particular focus on a female superhero. To build off of that specific slant, it was also recently announced that Jessica Jones Season 2 would exclusively hire female directors to helm each of its 13 episodes. There's quite a bit to get excited about here, and we sincerely cannot wait to see what happens when Jessica finally returns.

No definitive premiere date for Jessica Jones' second season has received an announcement yet, but you can catch the badass Marvel heroine when The Defenders premieres on Netflix later this year on August 18 -- after the major spring and summer TV series have finally premiered.