Lisa Kudrow Is Reuniting With Friends' Co-Creator On Netflix

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Did somebody say Friends reunion?! No? Ok, this isn't quite the revival you'd like to see on Netflix, but it's still a pretty cool deal. Lisa Kudrow has been tapped to join back up with Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman for a role on Grace And Frankie, which has now officially made its Season 4 renewal known.

Lisa Kudrow will be joining Grace And Frankie in a guest role for Season 4 of the series, which Netflix officially confirmed is set to air in 2018. Kudrow will play a manicurist to Grace (Jane Fonda) named Sheree, and the two will develop a friendship that sets Frankie (Lily Tomlin) on edge. Sheree's entrance into the friendship will cause some friction between the two house mates, but it's unknown just how relevant the rift will be, with no information given on how long Kudrow's role will last.

If Sheree turns out to be anything close to Phoebe from Friends, I can completely understand the tension on Frankie's end! That said, things look pretty chill in this first image from Season 4, which you can see below:

Season 4 Grace And Frankie Netflix Lisa Kudrow

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Netflix)

For Lisa Kudrow, this will be the first time she has worked with Marta Kauffman since Friends ended nearly 13 years ago. For Kudrow, this will be a return to Netflix, as the actress has done voice work for the animated series BoJack Horseman and also appeared as Lori-Ann Schmidt on Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. With all these Netflix appearances, maybe this is a clue that Kudrow and the network are looking to develop Season 3 of The Comeback? That may be a stretch, and I'm not so sure HBO will give up the rights to the series, but you never know!

Outside of the world of Netflix, you may have recently heard Lisa Kudrow on the currently-in-theaters animated film The Boss Baby. Outside of voice acting, Kudrow also appeared in the films Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and The Girl On The Train, and also showed up in the series premiere of TBS' Angie Tribeca. I feel Lisa Kudrow is one of those actresses that you never really realize is still all over the place in Hollywood until you see her, and then you suddenly see her everywhere. For those of you still crossing your fingers for a Friends reunion, Kudrow did speak about the possibility fairly recently, although I'm not sure you'll like her answer.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Season 3 of Grace And Frankie when it released March 24th, you better get on it, as the show is already chugging along for Season 4. Should an official release date make it's way to web soon, we will be sure to keep you abreast. As far as the next few months of viewing are concerned, you can go ahead and dive into our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to find all the television dates you could ever need for optimal viewing.

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