Oliver Faces Off Against Prometheus, Felicity And More In Wild New Arrow Footage

If you absolutely can't wait to see what Arrow has in store for you when the series returns April 26th, you're in luck. This Season 5 sizzle reel recaps some of what we've seen so far, and also throws in a solid minute of epic showdowns and team-ups. Watch Oliver battle Prometheus, almost get shot by Felicity, and even more craziness below:

Starting with the newest footage, we see Prometheus and Green Arrow having a showdown in what looks to be a stairwell. Is this the ultimate Season 5 Arrow battle we've waited to see? I'll be honest, it doesn't have that Big Fight feel. It's entirely possible these two could be fighting their way up the stairwell to a bigger stage, but usually, Arrow's mega-battles against major villains don't take place in enclosed spaces. Then again, considering the hell Oliver's been through with Prometheus, I don't foresee him being so quick to jump in against Chase unless he's ready to end things once and for all, so maybe we're just seeing a brief pause in what will turn out to be an epic battle.

This sequence ties into a mismash of scenes with Oliver and Felicity, and other than teaching us a great lesson about trigger discipline, their time together seems to show Felicity changing Oliver's mind on the right way to handle his greatest adversary yet But we'll see if his ex-fiance's plight paid off, since Oliver isn't looking too peaceful at any point.

That 3-second staredown between Prometheus and Green Arrow led directly into another highlight, where half-sisters Nyssa and Talia Al Ghul are ready to throw down! Looks like the two are in Talia's monastery, and Talia's goons have been given the signal to stand down. Nyssa has the high ground and a bow, so I can't imagine Talia stands a great chance after drawing her sword like that, but if Nyssa misses, things could go downhill for her real quick. Talia is a big part of the DC universe, so I really doubt she's going to fall to Nyssa, but I can see the latter dying here just because she isn't used as much in Arrow anymore. I really hope that's not the case, as I would love to see these two continue their storyline down the road.

Finally, we have undeniable proof that Deathstroke is 100% in an upcoming episode of Arrow. Manu Bennett may send a few more tweets refuting it, but we have his voice and the mask of Deathstroke being delivered to someone's Deathstroke-y hand. Perhaps this means that Bennett was unable to pause his filming of The Shannara Chronicles to appear in Toronto for filming, meaning CW would have had to limit his role to voice work, with another actor wearing the suit on camera. That was one of our theories behind Bennett's weirdness about the role before, and the fact we don't see any of Deathstroke's actual face in the footage seems to confirm that. Although Bennett could easily film a few pickup scenes in the near future that could get thrown into the appropriate episode.

Overall, it looks like Season 5 of Arrow is going to be a blast. Make sure your DVR is set for the 8 p.m. ET return of Arrow on The CW on April 26th. While you're at it, double check your DVR for new episodes of Supergirl and The Flash, as they make their return that week as well. Lastly, prepare yourself for the period of very little DC superhero television coming up in a little over a month with our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

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