When Supergirl Will Bring Cat Grant Back

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When Supergirl kicked off its first season on CBS in 2015, one of the biggest names on board was Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant. Unfortunately for Cat fans, the Supergirl switch from CBS to The CW meant losing Flockhart as a regular, although she was signed on in a recurring guest star capacity. She appeared in the first two episodes of Season 2, and viewers have been waiting ever since for a return. Now, we finally know when we can expect her to snark her way back into Kara's life: Calista Flockhart will be back on Supergirl as Cat Grant in the final two episodes of the season.

Calista Flockhart is slated to appear in the May 15 penultimate Season 2 episode and the May 22 season finale, according to EW. Unsurprisingly, nobody at The CW or Supergirl seems willing to dish any details about what Cat will be up to when she drops back into the action, but we can bet that she'll be back for a good reason. Cat left National City back in the second episode of Season 2 because she felt she had become the biggest fish in a small pond and needed to seek challenges elsewhere; it's a safe guess that either she's returning because of a huge splash in National City that brings new challenges or because she wants to check back in on CatCo.

Interestingly, we recently discovered that Tyler Hoechlin will be back as Superman in the Season 2 finale, so we may get to see Cat Grant meeting up with both Supergirl and her Super cousin in the not-too-distant future. Throw in Bruce Willis, and we'd have ourselves a real (and very odd) party.

Okay, so we probably won't get Bruce Willis, but it could be interesting to see Cat interacting with Superman in the Season 2 finale. Although she doesn't seem to have deduced Supergirl's secret identity, she does have a knack for figuring out other superhero identities. It didn't take her long at all to figure out that Barry Allen is the Flash when he crossed over to Earth-38 last year; she may come close to connecting Superman to Clark Kent. If that does happen, Kara's identity will undoubtedly be jeopardized once more.

No matter what happens, I'm just glad that we'll get Cat Grant back a couple more times this season. Although her departure did mean the introduction of the gloriously grouchy Snapper Carr, Supergirl hasn't been the same without her. We can't blame Calista Flockhart for choosing to stay in Los Angeles with her family rather than move to Vancouver for a supporting role in a CW TV show, but I was beginning to think we might not get any updates on what Cat has been up to until Season 3.

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