Hiatuses between seasons of shows can always be rough on fans, and Game of Thrones fans have been stuck waiting even longer than usual due to the pushing back of the Season 7 premiere. We didn't even have an official premiere date for a while, although that thankfully has been announced. Still, we've been waiting for some real looks at what's to come when the show finally returns. Now, our patience has finally been rewarded, as HBO has released some official images from Season 7, and they show Dany as we've never seen her before: gearing up for winter. Check her out!

The Targaryen queen is usually walking around Essos, enjoying the warmth in outfits that show an awful lot of her skin. For her arrival in Westeros, Dany apparently felt that it was time to update her delicate (albeit lovely) Essos duds for something warmer and sturdier. It's a more militaristic look as well, more fitting for a warrior queen intending to take a kingdom by force. Something tells me that we're in for fewer nude scenes from Emilia Clarke in Season 7.

She's not the only one of her crew to start wearing warmer clothes.

By the time they make landfall in Westeros, Dany also has Missandei, Tyrion, Varys, and Grey Worm dressed a bit warmer than usual. As a native of Westeros, Tyrion is presumably the most prepared for the cold and is therefore bundled a little less, but Missandei and Grey Worm are wearing gloves, and Varys seems to be warming his fingers in his sleeves. They're even all wearing boots!

The rest of the Game of Thrones characters are getting ready for winter as well. Continue on to the next page for a look!

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