The X-Files was one of the most impactful TV series of the 1990s, and shows ranging from Fringe to Supernatural to even Bones likely never would have happened if not for The X-Files bringing the paranormal into pop culture. Some of the original nine seasons were better than others, and some episodes are definitely best forgotten, but The X-Files overall was always a show that was just really, really good when it was good. Did fans have to develop high tolerances for ambiguous dialogue, unanswered questions, and an epic love story mostly expressed via forehead touches and poorly-lit embraces? Sure. But it was worth it.

The 2016 revival gave The X-Files the chance to answer some of those long-unanswered questions and provide some closure. Unfortunately, big aspects of the mythology only got more confusing in Season 10. The truth is still out there; we just haven't gotten to it yet. Now that Fox has officially ordered Season 11 of The X-Files, I want to believe that we'll finally get answers to some of the questions still lingering after Season 10. Read on for our biggest and most burning X-Files questions!

What Happened To The Alien Colonization Plan?

The mythology of The X-Files was pretty convoluted by the end of its original run on Fox, but the big thing that the show was very clear on was that the aliens who had been vexing Mulder and Scully for the better part of a decade were moving forward with their plan to colonize the planet. In fact, the aliens even had a date set for kicking off the colonization: December 22, 2012. It was a culmination of a plot that had been building over nine TV seasons and one feature film.

Obviously, the alien colonization and repopulation never happened in 2012, and Mulder would come to the conclusion in the revival series that the entire plot was an incredibly elaborate ruse orchestrated by a group of government men to cover up their intentions to do harm to the civilian population. Given all that we saw over the first nine years of the show and the Fight the Future movie, it's pretty hard to believe that the entire colonization arc was one grand series of red herrings, and so the question remains: what happened that December 22, 2012 passed without any aliens coming to colonize?

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