It's a brave (and bold) new world out there for fans of the DC Comics universe. Not only has it been confirmed we'll soon receive a highly-anticipated third season to the beloved Young Justice cartoon, but the younger Justice League team will also live on through a newly ordered live-action Teen Titans series as well -- aptly titled Titans. Rather than shop around for networks to take these projects, DC decided to go all in and invest in a new exclusive streaming service to bring these series straight to audiences, and we think it could be a major gamechanger.

Such a creative decision represents a bold endeavor for Detective Comics, and there are several different reasons why it has immense potential as a gamechanging service. And, dear reader, you can join us in breaking those reasons down -- starting with Titans and Young Justice themselves.

Titans And Young Justice, Baby!

First and foremost, if no other series were to ever premiere on the new DC streaming service, it would still be considered groundbreaking by fans because it will serve as a platform to finally get Young Justice Season 3 and live-action Titans off of the ground. Both of these projects have remained in development hell for years, and DC seems to have finally come to the realization that the simplest way to bring these long-awaited shows to audiences is to cut out all the middle men. In doing so, DC sets something of a new precedent for non-TV companies, which could ultimately lead to other dead-on-arrival comic book pilots and projects getting rejuvenated through this platform in the near future.

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