What Roseanne Barr Thinks About The Roseanne Revival Rumors

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Not long after it was reported that the creator of Roseanne was quietly moving forward with plans for a revival, the often outspoken woman herself is speaking out. Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to offer a hot take on the rumors surrounding her hit sitcom's comeback, saying the following:

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Sounds as though, much like in the series, the buck stops with Roseanne Barr. That makes sense, considering she's an executive producer as well as the star of the series. While Barr put up that strong and ominous front on the initial news, successive tweets seem to indicate that she was done playing tough, and that the cat was out of the bag. Just a couple hours after the statement, Barr would retweet an article that reporting on the Roseanne revival, which seems to be in the early stages of development. I'm sure most of the efforts the creative team has made so far has been figuring out how to retcon that crazy final season so that the show can return.

For those who don't remember, the original Roseanne ended with the titular matriarch informing the audience that she was a writer retelling of actual events in her life and that much of what they saw on the show was a lie. Some of the "truths" included Dan Conner (John Goodman) actually dying of a heart attack, Mark actually dating Darlene, with Becky dating David in real life. Oh, and Jackie (not Beverly) is a lesbian. Should the writing staff retcon that final season entirely, then would the "real" storyline be the Conner family winning $109 million in the lottery? That would also be problematic, considering the series centered for so long on a struggling working-class family, and that whole plotline was the most panned of Roseanne's run. While we have no idea which direction the revival (which is still officially rumored) will go in telling the story from here, Roseanne Barr did make one thing clear to fans:

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So is Dan Conner alive or dead? The first report regarding the rumor seemed to indicate that John Goodman would be a part of the revival, but there was nothing in regards as to what capacity that would be. Most of the other cast, including The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki, is reportedly in the process of signing on as well, so at least casting is not an issue. I suppose explaining how a poor Illinois family blew their lottery money with poor decisions wouldn't be that hard of a storyline to write, so let's hope they go that route than with the current canon ending provided this revival is actually happening. Or something else entirely.

While we wait on Roseanne Barr for more news regarding this potential Roseanne return, don't forget that there's a ton of great shows already confirmed and appearing every week. If you're not up to snuff be sure to visit our summer premiere schedule and see what shows are returning or leaving from this past season via our renewal guide.

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