The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Has An Awesome New TV Show

Johnny Galecki as Leonard The Big Bang Theory

If you love Johnny Galecki playing the super nerd Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, you're going to love his new show. Galecki and the Science Channel have joined forces to develop a show that takes the science and fun of The Big Bang Theory and turns it into exciting TV. Be prepared to learn with prank television at its most educational with Scijinks.

Scijinks will feature Johnny Galecki and a team of scientists from varying backgrounds in a show that is being proclaimed the "smartest prank show on television." Scientists with backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and other fields of study will join forces to present crazy stunts and practical jokes to an audience. While Galecki is the host, each episode will also feature commentary from said scientists as well as STEM students. The series is confirmed for eight, 30-minute episodes and set for release in the fourth quarter of 2017. In addition to hosting, Galecki will also serve as an executive producer for the series.

Scijinks sounds like a unique twist on the current programming offered by the Science Channel while still fitting the mold of their current shows. In addition to reruns of MythBusters and How It's Made, Science Channel has launched a couple of reality based shows within the past year. From its description, Scijinks seems to fall right in line with shows like Outrageous Acts Of Science, Hacking The Wild, and the other educational, yet entertaining, programs the channel offers. I'm not going to sit here and act like my television is always glued to the Science Channel, but when I am watching, I'm learning and enjoying. Those are two things I'm not often experiencing at the same time, and I would imagine many others share that notion. With Johnny Galecki attached to the project, I'm really hoping this show becomes a big hit for the network!

TheScijinks release date sets it behind another much anticipated science show of 2017, Bill Nye Saves The World. While I'm sure neither the Netflix series or Science Channel are working towards a viewership showdown between the two shows, it's interesting to think about who will bring the better show to the table. As much as my inner child is screaming at me to say otherwise, I'm going on record to say I'm actually more excited by what Johnny Galecki has planned at this point than Nye's Netflix show. It must be all those syndicated episodes of The Big Bang Theory controlling my mind, right?

While the world waits for the premiere of Scijinks, fans may also be excited to learn that The Big Bang Theory finally got renewed. So, if for some weird reason you don't check out Scijinks, you'll still get your Johnny Galecki fix on CBS for at least a couple more years. We will keep you updated should any news regarding the Scijinks official release date or an awesome trailer hits the web, and you can head over to our Summer premiere schedule to find something else to occupy your time until then.

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