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The Defenders Just Confirmed Another Badass Character, But How Will It Work?

Elektra after battling alongside Daredevil

Now that Netflix's Iron Fist has been released for a month or so, the time has come for Marvel fans to look forward to the next small screen adventure on the way. And in just a few months, all four of the Netflix's Marvel heroes will unite in the Defenders miniseries, the most highly anticipated crossover event in recent memory. Many of the four shows' supporting characters will also make an appearance, and now it appears that one of Daredevil's biggest leads will be joining the fray: the deadly and mysterious Elektra.

The folks behind The Defenders made this announcement on its official Twitter, revealing that we may not get the Elektra we know and love when she shows up on the upcoming miniseries. Check out the quick teaser video below.

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Looks like The Hand is at it again. But rather than trying to ruin Danny Rand's reputation or attacking Claire's hospital, this time their purpose is on resurrecting Elektra after the events of Daredevil Season 2.

And now it looks like Elektra is going to be back from her brief death in Daredevil, but will she still be the same character we know and love? Smart money says no, especially considering the caption associated with the short video. Things are looking ominous, so I'm betting Elektra ends up on the side of The Hand during The Defenders, possibly adding another major threat for the titular characters to battle against during the upcoming miniseries.

Daredevil's second season finale saw Elektra and Daredevil in an epic battle against The Hand's forces on a rooftop. During the battle's events, Elektra redeems herself by sacrificing her life to save Matt Murdock. While this was a poetic and powerful moment of the overall season (and Frank Castle returned to assist Matt in the last minute), it quickly became clear that Elektra's story was not quite finished.

Matt Murdock's relationship with Elektra should make for a fascinating dynamic in The Defenders, considering she'll likely be attempting to kill both he and his fellow heroes. And since The Defenders don't know or care about each other, I'm guessing some members of the group won't be happy with Daredevil attempting to protect/save the assassin. In particular, Iron Fist will likely have major beef with Elektra, especially if she's working for The Hand.

The Defenders will finally assemble when the miniseries is released in its entirety on August 18th. Be sure to check our summer premiere schedule, and don't miss your favorite show returning!

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