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For all the comic book TV that's currently on the air -- and it's quite a bit -- there are even more amazing shows on their way in the near future, and one of the most highly anticipated projects is Marvel's Inhumans, the first big TV take on the comics' Royal Family. And we now have our first look at the extremely powerful heroes, which you can see below in all its largely gray glory.

Our first look at Marvel's Inhumans is here!!! 🙌🏽

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, May 4, 2017

First, can I say just how overwhelmingly pumped I am to see Hell on Wheels vet Anson Mount rocking that Marvel leather in that pic, courtesy of EW? As Black Bolt, the often brooding Mount will play the Inhumans' King, whose voice is so massive and powerful, he must remain silent, which definitely fits. Admittedly, his costume isn't the flashiest thing in the world. (Either this one or Attilan.) But the logo on there looks pretty sharp, and it seems like that would be an easily marketable piece of clothing.

And then there's the rest of the team. Serinda Swan's Medusa, the Inhumans' Queen whose prehensile hair can be moved and utilized at her command, is the most aesthetically memorable of the bunch, with her long purple dress-thing and precise, helmet-like hair. Medusa's sister Crystal, played by Isabelle Cornish, is the second most colorful team member, and she looks like she's ready to go to the club if saving the world isn't on the agenda.

Ken Leung is given a subdued look as Karnak (if face tats can be subdued), the group's brilliant and philosophical strategist. The behemoth Gorgon, played by Eme Ikwuakor, has hooves that can quake the Earth, though his special legs aren't shown here. And don't get me started on former Game of Thrones monster, er, star Iwan Rheon over there as Maximus, Black Bolt's brother, whose powers include super-intelligence, mental telepathy, and "being a jealous little shit about his brother being the king."

When Inhumans kicks off, our central heroes will be at a very important crossroads in their lives, when everything they know is in danger. And we're going to meet up with some characters that weren't shown here, such as the bulldog-ish Lockjaw and the fish-like Triton. Kind of makes sense why they weren't shown, right? As well, actress Ellen Woglom was cast as someone who isn't directly from the comic source material.

Inhumans will kick off its first season not on TV, but in IMAX theaters, where the first two episodes will debut on September 1 for a two-week run. Then, on Tuesday, September 26, the Marvel series will officially premiere on ABC. To see all the comic book shows (and others) that are hitting the small screen sooner than that, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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