What Marvel's Inhumans TV Show Will Actually Be About

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Marvel Comics is making big strides on the small screen, both on Netflix and broadcast television. A new series all about Inhumans will make its way to ABC in the fall, and we've been hearing bits and pieces about the show so far. Now, however, we may have an idea of the major plot of The Inhumans, and it sounds pretty exciting... and tropical.

Rumor has it that The Inhumans will follow a faction of the Royal Family of Inhumans, after a military coup has split them up. Spoiler TV reports that the faction will flee to Hawaii. While there, they interact with the tropical world and the people who live there, and they may even find a way to save the rest of the world as well as themselves.

ABC has not yet confirmed the description of The Inhumans, but it makes sense with what we know of the series so far. Filming for the eight episodes of the first season has been taking place in Hawaii. The filming location obviously didn't mean that the show would be set in Hawaii. Lost spent six season on location in Hawaii, and the Island was certainly not one of the 50 states. Still, if the description is accurate, the Hawaii filming makes sense.

Previously, we hadn't heard too much about the plot of The Inhumans, so this description is pretty exciting. It sounds like the Royal Family will be on the run right off the bat and will need to struggle to rebuild in the aftermath of a military conflict. The description also explains why we haven't heard about the show taking place in the Inhumans' traditional Marvel location of Attilan. The family very well may have been forced out.

We do already know for sure who will be appearing in The Inhumans series. Hell on Wheels's alum Anson Mount will play the lead role of Black Bolt, who was the king of the Inhumans in Marvel comic lore. Black Bolt's brother Maximus is on board as well, and he'll be played by Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon. If The Inhumans follows Maximus' comic story - and plays to Iwan Rheon's psychotic strengths as an actor - then we can count on Maximus as an antagonist to his big brother. This version of Maximus is reportedly loyal to the folks of Attilan but distracted by his desire to be king instead of his brother.

Serinda Swan is on board as Medusa, who is Black Bolt's wife and presumably queen of Attilan before the coup. The cast will be filled out by Isabelle Cornish as Medusa's sister Crystal, Eme Ikwuakor and Mike Moh as the cousins Gorgon and Triton, Sonya Balmores as a royal guard, and Ellen Woglom in a mystery role. Throw in the 2,000-pound dog, and I'd say we're in for a pretty wild ride when The Inhumans debuts later this year.

Interestingly, The Inhumans will debut on the big screen before moving to ABC. The first two episodes of the project are being produced for IMAX, and they'll be released on Labor Day 2017. Audiences will have the chance to see the beginning of the Inhumans' story in IMAX before it makes its way to the small screen.

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