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One Recently Cancelled Show Could Get A Proper Farewell, According To Its Showrunner

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With so many shows flying off the networks lately, there are a lot of sad fans out there wondering if their departed series will see a resolve. This is a question I would imagine many Pitch fans are asking, as showrunner Kevin Falls tells fans the odds of seeing a proper conclusion to Season 1's cliffhanger:

That's come up recently. We didn't shoot an alternative ending to our season, that's how confident we were that we were coming back. When Dan Fogelman gets back from directing his movie, Rick Singer and I will huddle with him and talk about it. But it has to make creative sense, not to mention whether Fox would ever pay for it and whether the actors would agree to do it. This would be unprecedented, which immediately makes it a long shot.

In case you were one of the many who missed Pitch when it aired on Fox, Season 1 came to an end when San Diego Padres pitcher Ginny Baker clutches her elbow in pain just three outs away from a no-hitter. While Kevin Falls doesn't sound too confident in the latter half of this quote to EW, he maintains that Pitch was one of the best things Major League Baseball had going for it. He's not alone in that sentiment, as delayed viewing for the program showed respectable numbers, and Fox seemed to be at an impasse, having waited so long to announce the cancellation following Season 1's conclusion in December. Ultimately, the hope of fans and some of our writing staff was all for nil as Fox swung the cancellation ax anyway.

So, provided Kevin Falls can get Dan Fogelman, Rick Singer, Fox and the actors on board, Pitch is good to go. Falls did mention that several executives in MLB were fans of the program as well as the quality of production and continued saying that Pitch may one day find life on the MLB Network. That may be a tall order for a network that doesn't currently and, to the best of my knowledge, has never aired an original scripted series. The more likely scenario might be for Fox to do a one-off movie of sorts, but that alone would be an unprecedented move that I don't see happening. There's always the chance Netflix could step in and bring the series back, as they've done with previously canceled Fox shows with high critical acclaim, but who knows what those odds are.

If nothing else, it's good to know at least one decision maker involved in Pitch is interested in finishing the tale they started. Maybe years later we'll have a whole new Pitch product come out of the blue similar to Dredd Mega-City One! If you were a fan of Pitch, be sure to find a show to take its place in our summer premiere guide. If you're just curious about what shows are getting renewed and canceled, click here.

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