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What The Flash Should Absolutely Do With Killer Frost Next

Killer Frost Season 3 The Flash

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen the Season 3 finale for The Flash.

The Season 3 finale of The Flash was certainly epic, and we saw quite a few game-changing moments in the episode. Perhaps the most shocking of them all was Caitlin Snow announcing her departure from Team Flash. Stuck somewhere between her Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost identities, she vowed to set off and find herself, but what exactly does that mean? Considering The Flash is going to be busy juggling multiple stories early in Season 4, it's possibly-going-on-probable that the former S.T.A.R Labs employee could join Legends Of Tomorrow in its presumably bonkers Season 3.

It certainly sounds like an exciting prospect, right? Caitlin Snow joining Legends Of Tomorrow would be an easy move, as well as a logical one, considering the similarly cold-minded Leonard Snart's departure from the team. Snow may not yet have the bravado or quick thinking of Snart, but her ice powers definitely seem more significant, and it's not like she isn't housing a brilliant mind. The Legends made of present day Los Angeles in the finale, and it's likely they could use another great thinker who knows a thing or two about screwing up timelines to help fix things. She also knows Mick, Jackson, and Professor Stein from The Flash, so it's not as though it's going to be difficult to learn names.

Let's also not forget that even beyond Snart, The Legends squad has had its ranks thinned quite a bit to get to this point. With Rip Hunter being the latest to depart the Waverider, Caitlin Snow seems like the Arrow-verse free agent ready to jump ship to a new home (and one fronted by a female for once). Barring any shocking departures from Arrow, I can't see too many other characters in a unique position like the one The Flash has lined up for Caitlin. Is The Flash so willing to give up one of its principal characters to another series, though? Danielle Panabaker has been vague about her future on the show to the point where an exit became a real possibility, so I think so.

For The Flash, it's an easy way to ostensibly write the character off so the writers can further tell her story without sacrificing any early Season 4 scenes that will need to resolve the chaos that came up in the finale's final minutes. The Flash has never been a series to spend any amount of focus on any characters far removed from Barry, so even when all that mess does get rectified, Caitlin moving to Legends Of Tomorrow would be much better (for fans and the show itself) than her being temporarily written off so she could go away to "find herself."

The show change would also be beneficial to the character herself. As much as I want to believe Caitlin Snow is rid of her Killer Frost persona's impulses, I would not be the least bit surprised if we saw her dark side resurface uncontrollably. Caitlin's battle sounds very similar to the same thing Sara Lance went through when she was first enlisted in the Legends Of Tomorrow crew. Sara serving as Caitlin's mentor, as the latter works to find her true identity, not only builds up the person that Caitlin Snow will become, but it also enhances Lance's character as the new captain of The Waverider.

With The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow currently crafting the next season's adventures, we're left to speculate of what will become of Caitlin Snow and Danielle Panabaker. As a final thought, I'll just say that Legends' time travel element would also allow Caitlin the opportunity to revisit people like Ronnie, and who wouldn't want to see those two finally lock lips again?

We'll let you know as soon as we have a clue where the actress and character are heading next. Until then, check out some other cool ideas regarding last night's finale, and if you haven't a clue when your other shows are ending check out our list right here. Also, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide to see all the shows you'll have to occupy your time with as we wait for more DC television in the Fall.

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