Spoilers run amok for those who still haven't watched The Flash's Season 3 finale.

Sadly, The Flash TV series can't possibly live up to its titular speedster, at least in terms of Season 4 zooming to viewers' TVs immediately following the Season 3 finale, and alas, fans will once again be forced to wait until next fall gets here to catch up with Barry's exploits. (Where is our Earth's Harrison Wells, who would no doubt be capable of making such a thing happen?) In any case, we've got some time to kill, so let's talk about the impending fourth season.

Few will likely deny that The Flash has had its share of downs to go with its ups, but no one can possibly deny how superb and invigorating those ups were. As such, here are some of the big changes we'd absolutely love to see when Season 4 gets here, which could happen, what with the changes happening behind the scenes. Some are change-ups that we've wanted for a while, while others are new to the mental palate. And for what it's worth, it's already been confirmed that the new big bad won't be an evil speedster, so you won't find me asking for that. Now let's kick things off with a big old issue that Season 3 had.

No More Time Travel

Does everyone remember back when The Flash used time travel for the first time in Season 1, how magical and shocking it was? We all knew it was going to come up at some point, and when it did, not only did Barry actually save the city, but he also sacrificed his first big kiss with Iris in order to do it. Now, after three seasons of this show and two seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, nothing sounds more trite and problematic and crutch-like than Barry using time travel as a way to try and change an event or learn a lesson. No more of it, even if it's just to go back a few seconds to not spill water, or to save someone's life.

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