Game Of Thrones' Dany Looks Kind Of Silly Riding A Dragon Before CGI Is Added

HBO's Game of Thrones uses a lot of special effects to build the world of Westeros, and we've seen everything from direwolves to ice zombies to dragons. The result is a pretty badass show filled with bizarre creatures and epic battles. As it turns out, the show looks decidedly less badass before the CGI is added. A new video all about the special effects of Game of Thrones has hit the web, and it gives a look at Emilia Clarke as Dany, riding a pre-CGI dragon. Check it out!

game of thrones emilia clarke dany pre cgi dragon hbo

The Mother of Dragons looks slightly less imposing as a contender for the Iron Throne atop a dragon without the massive flapping wings, sharp teeth, and jets of flame shooting from its mouth. Kudos to Emilia Clarke for managing to keep a stern face while riding a fake dragon surrounded by green screens. Without the CGI, she looks more like she's on a gentle amusement park ride in full costume. This version of Drogon certainly doesn't look like he'll be conquering any kingdoms for his mom any time soon. This contraption doesn't look like one of the chickens Dany's dragons were originally modeled after, but it also doesn't look like a dragon.

The glimpse of Dany on the pre-CGI dragon comes courtesy of the video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects of Game of Thrones, and although it doesn't show Drogon or Viserion or Rhaegal in all their scary scaly glory, the size of the animatronic dragons proves that the dragons will be truly massive in Season 7. Game of Thrones director Matt Shakman teased that the dragons would be the "size of 747s" in Season 7, with Drogon spouting a flame of 30 feet in diameter.

It should be interesting to see how Dany's dragons (and Dany herself) fare in Westeros now that winter has come. Dany and her dragons have spent their entire lives over in Essos, which has a much warmer climate than most of the Seven Kingdoms. We've already seen that Dany will be wearing more clothes once she touches ground in the Seven Kingdoms, but it's too soon to say if she and her dragons will be adversely affected by the cold. Given the role the dragons may need to play in taking out the White Walkers, we can only hope that they can sustain the cold.

Of course, the common folks of Westeros may well start to hope that the dragons freeze once Dany starts her campaign to try and retake the Iron Throne for House Targaryen. If we've learned anything from the history of the Seven Kingdoms, it's that wars between the houses tend to end very poorly for the common people. She may want to be beloved as a fair and just queen, but somehow I don't think using dragons to burn her enemies to a crisp will win hearts and minds. We'll have to wait and see.

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