Why Cobie Smulders Joined Netflix’s Friends From College After HIMYM

Cobie Smulders screaming in Episode 1

When actors are apart of a massively popular and long running series, they can often be defined by that character. The cast of Friends will always be associated with their portrayals, despite the show being off the air for so many years. And for Cobie Smulders, she'll likely always be loved as Robin from How I Met Your Mother. But Smulders has a new TV gig, as a series regular in the upcoming Netflix comedy Friends from College. Taking on another series TV role was likely a big decision for her, and I got the chance to ask her why she chose the raunchy and hilarious series as her next big project.

I had the chance to speak with Cobie Smulders at Netflix's Press Junket in New York. It's here where she revealed that she wanted to challenge herself, and that Friends from College did just that. She said,

For me, the blessing of being on How I Met Your Mother for nine years was so amazing. And I had such an amazing time. And I think since then, for me, it feels like a long time has passed. But it's only been about 3 years. Since I left the show, I've just been wanting to challenge myself creatively. And this was a step in that direction.

Robin Sparkles out. Cobie Smulders seems to understand how significant HIMYM is, but wants to make sure she continues to become a better actress. Now that's class.

On paper, Friends From College actually doesn't sound that dissimilar to How I Met Your Mother. The comedy follows a group of buddies who tend to drink a lot and make mistakes. But the series isn't a network sitcom, and can therefore go much further in regards to outrageous situations, sex scenes, cursing, and the like.

Friends From College also has a ton of high stakes drama woven into the show's narrative. Cobie Smulder's husband (played by the delightful Keegan-Michael Kelly) has actually been having an affair with another member of the friend group for the past 20 years. And while the titular friends love and care for each other, they tend to have a negative affect on each other, and things quickly spiral out of control. So while both of Smulder's TV roles focused on a group of buddies and their misadventures, the shows (and her parts) are actually vastly different.

While it's great to see Cobie Smulder back on the small screen, I have to wonder when we'll see her reprise her role as Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just about every character is assembling for Avengers: Infinity War, so I have to assume that she'll be back for that installment. But who knows?

Friends from College will be released in its entirety July 14, 2017 on Netflix.

Corey Chichizola
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